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Tree Change Dolls by Sonia

26 Feb

Here is an interesting video by Sonia Singh Tree Change Dolls by Sonia.  She takes dolls that are over the top and makes them into ones that young girls can relate too.  I like her story and the idea of changing these dolls for the better.  Hope you enjoy it too.  You can check out Sonia’s website here. Below Sonia shows the before and after results.tumblr_nk9yfusrJy1u8oyeuo4_540I found three dolls in the second-hand shop and took off their make-up.  I used straight acetone which works very well. (placed a little in a throw away cup and used cotton pad and q tips)  I will post pictures after I get mine all done.


Jewelry Making

16 Dec

If you enjoy making jewelry head on over to Beading Times for some great ideas and tutorials on how to get the best look out of your work.  I find the tutorials very easy to follow with pictures for us visual learners.

wrap around earrings

finished (1)
crisscross beaded earrings

multi-strand bracelet

Last Minute gifts

11 Dec

Sometimes it is nice to be able to pull something together at the last-minute.  I will confess to not being able to think that quickly, so having a few ideas thought out ahead of time works for me and to keep it simple. Here are a few that I like.

Mason jars are handy for gift giving and I always have a few stashed away. I like The Gunny Sack {Everything} In a Jar ideas.  She also has the labels that you can print for the jars.

the gunny sack


One Good Thing by Jillee comes to the rescue and shows you how to make a quick bought grocery store item into a nice little gift.  She has prints out labels too.
Too Stinkin’ Cute has a wonderful idea for an ice cream kit.  Yum

One Crafty Home shows you how to make a quick coffee cozy out of fabric.  These are super quick, go good with a mug or gift card to local coffee shop.  cs finished2

KoJo Designs has a pretty ideas for a Tea Lovers Wreath. (you could use Washi tape for the clothes pins and it would be even faster)



5 Sewing Gifts

6 Dec

I have been busy at my sewing machine, putting on finishing touches and getting small things made.  Christmas is less than three weeks away.  Here are a few things I have been working on.

I love these microwave fabric bowls from Tamarack Shack.  I have made a few different styles and for me this one works the best.  They help keep the mess out of the microwave and give you something to grab ahold of to get a hot bowl out without burning your fingers.  I keep a few stacked on top of the oven and wash when messy.  You should use all cotton fabric, thread and batting.

Apostrophy Designs has a great tutorial for making a baby blanket.  You can use this idea for other flat fabric ideas like a table runner, table cloth or, napkins I sure you can come up with more ideas.

I have posted this one before, but it is such a neat way to make a pillow case that I am posting it again.  It is from Twiddletails.

Sew a sleeping bag for a special stuff animal following the directions at
sleeping bag

I have made two of these for myself, one for business cards and the other for all those plastic store cards.  Doesn’t take much fabric and really comes in handy.  Tutorial is from The Crafty Cupboard.
Business Card Holders

Planter Box

26 Nov

I have this beautiful Christmas cactus that belonged to my Grandmother.  My Grandma passed away in 1991 to give you an idea on the age of this plant. Pieces of it have been shared over the years so it is not as big as it could be, but still quit large.  It is in a ceramic pot that is tan, pink and blue.  Not my colors, never were my colors.  I don’t want to transplant it especial this close to when it blooms, but I hate the planter.  So with all that said I came across this post today.  I have nothing but a little time to lose as the supplies are simple and in my home. (cardboard, glue and brown paper)  Love how Useful DIY’s turned out.

Dancing Ballerinas

23 Nov

I think this pretty dancing ballerinas would be fun to make with a group of friends.  You can check out the tutorial at Craftberry Bush.  When using floral tape give it a little pull as you wrap that way it will stick to itself.


Sharpie Mugs

17 Nov

I want to make some decorated mugs and as you are probably aware there are a lot of blogs that talk about decorating mugs with Sharpie markers.  Well here is my test and I hope it saves you from the heartache of having your art work wash right off the mug.  I would not use a regular Sharpie marker for this project no matter how many you have seen on the web, the artwork will not last.  Black will hold up for a time with hand washing, but in time and use it will fade away.  The Sharpie paint markers will work,  I think it best if the mug was hand washed, but it does stay on for a time in the dishwasher.  Again in time it will fade or come off if washed in the dishwasher.  These markers cost about $13 for 5 markers.  Dark colors work better than light colors.  The best and longest lasting is Pebeo Vitrea 160 glass paint or marker. Markers cost about $5 each and the paint is about $7.  Not cheap, but long-lasting.

I pulled out a small pitcher I had in the cupboard.  Test 1 is the regular permanent Sharpie marker.  Test 2 is the Sharpie paint markers and test 5 is the Pebeo paint.  I let the cup rest for 24 hours after painting then fired in the oven at 325 degrees for 40 minutes.  Setting in the oven as it comes to temperature, cooking at 325 degrees for 40 minutes and leaving in oven until it is back to room temperature.  First washing was by hand. The blue, gold washed right off, the red faded a lot and the black did pretty well.  Then I sent it through the dishwasher twice. Sharpie paint markers still did pretty well, there was some fading.  The metallic gold is starting to come off.  The Pebeo paint show no difference.

I hope this helps for those of you who want to do a mug.

mug 003
Before going in the oven.


mug 005
Permanent Sharpie marker after oven and one hand washing.

mug 006
Sharpie paint marker after oven and one hand washing.

mug 010
Permanent Sharpie marker after being washed in the dishwasher twice.

mug 009
Sharpie paint markers after being washed in the dishwasher twice. (gold at the bottom is fading)

mug 014
Peobeo Vitrea  160 paint after oven, hand washing and twice through the dishwasher.  Holds up well.


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