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Tea Light Centerpiece

31 Mar

I love this idea!  Check out all the different ways you can use it on Craft Ideas Info.  It’s a pretty way to add a centerpiece to a small table.

Here is a link for the tea light inserts on Etsy.  You could also make your own with a little wire and a good glue like E6000.


Scented Room Spray

31 Mar

This easy to make room spray can be found a Under the Table and Dreaming.  I love how she has decorated the spray bottles.  This would make a nice gift.

Wind Chimes

30 Mar

Here are colorful wind chimes from HGTV.  You can find clay pots at the craft store and of course your garden center.  This would be a fun project to do with the kids.

Clay Pot Second Use

30 Mar

I like this pot cover idea from Martha Stewart.  Thought it would be nice to paint the pot (or part of it) with chalk board paint and then you could label what is underneath the pot.

Garden Planter and Bird Bath

30 Mar

I think this would look great in the flower bed in front of my living room window.  My cat will love watching the birds.  Not to worry she is an indoor cat.  My Stories at Oz makes this look so easy.

Away for a While…

26 Mar

I am going to be away from the computer for a while, but never fear I will be back.  I am just a few posts short of 500 so there is plenty for you to look back on and keep you busy.  Hopefully I will find something new and exciting to write about when I return from my journey. ~ Marla

Polymer Heart

24 Mar

I love the pretty patina that is added to this polymer piece with Mica powders.  The tutorial can be found at Such a Pretty Mess.

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