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Watercolor Birds

31 Mar

The Crafty Crow posted this on her blog and I had to share. Deep-space Sparkle did a wonderful job on laying out all the information.  Can’t wait to try it out.


A Flock of Little Birds

28 Mar

We have been having fun watching the robins show up, a sure sign of spring.  But then again rain is a sign of spring too.  Thought this was a fun rainy day project.  Art for small hands did a great job on laying out the lesson. This is presented as a group project, but you could do a small tree, or do a large one and add birds as you have time.  As art projects go this one is not that messy.

Easter Pencils

25 Mar

Isn’t this just too cute.  They look fun to make.  I will give it a try this weekend.  You can put goodies inside of the egg!

paper flowers

24 Mar

I was doing a search and came across this design for flowers from magazine pages.  They are beautiful, and definitely will give them a try.

Modern Art 4 Kids

22 Mar

Here is a blog link that is fun and informative.

When teaching art to students I like to bring in a known artist for them to learn about.  This site brings in many known modern artists and gives you great art lessons to learn about their style of artwork.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Paper Tulips

22 Mar

OK I really liked making the daffodils, so I thought how about making tulips to go with them.  Here is the link I used to make my tulips.  I loved how their tulips turned out, but I was on a roll with the coffee filters.  I used the template found at

1. I cut 6 petals from one coffee filter and a small circle, about the size of a nickel.  Petals are about 2  inches high. (I doubled the coffee filters by gluing two together with a glue stick to make them thicker)
2. I used the glue stick to glue the tabs down first for each petal, and then painted a small amount of Tacky Glue over the top to make sure it stayed glued.
3. After they were dry I used  watercolor paint to get them the color (or colors) I liked. Paint circle too.
4. I used Tacky Glue to glue two petals to the outside of my circle across from each other, then two inside of those, and two on the underside of the circle for outside petals. Staggering the petals as I placed them on the circle.
5. I inserted a florist wire through the middle and glued a small amount of filter paper (painted) to the top for the stamen.
6. Then I cut out leaves, painted them green and glued them to the stem.

They are now ready for my spring bouquet.

Paper daffodils

19 Mar

As the snow was falling this morning I came across this web page that had paper daffodils.  If I can’t have them in the ground I can make my own until spring gets here.  Here is one following the directions at Family Fun:Then I decided to create one with coffee filters.  I used the same basic instructions, but made my circle for the cone 2″ and the square for the petals 3 1/2″.  Using a glue stick I glued two coffee filters together, marked the circle, square and leaves with pencil on the coffee filter and cut out.  Then I got out my watercolors and had fun painting the blossom and leaves.  With Tacky Glue I glued it together on a florist wire. I used a little wade of coffee filter at the top for the stamen.  I curled the edges a little with the end of my paint brush.  I liked how it turned out, may have to make a bouquet.

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