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Planter Box

26 Nov

I have this beautiful Christmas cactus that belonged to my Grandmother.  My Grandma passed away in 1991 to give you an idea on the age of this plant. Pieces of it have been shared over the years so it is not as big as it could be, but still quit large.  It is in a ceramic pot that is tan, pink and blue.  Not my colors, never were my colors.  I don’t want to transplant it especial this close to when it blooms, but I hate the planter.  So with all that said I came across this post today.  I have nothing but a little time to lose as the supplies are simple and in my home. (cardboard, glue and brown paper)  Love how Useful DIY’s turned out.

31 Easy DIY Upgrades

23 Jul

I don’t know about you, but I often like to change things around.  I am always moving furniture.  I figure if you have to vacuum under it you might as well change the layout.  I must admit this drives my husband a bit crazy, but after 21 years he has learned to live with it.  And I have learned to mark electrical wires really well so I don’t have husband wondering why the computer won’t turn on.  Today I found a website with 31 Easy DIY Upgrades.  Some really easy things to do that will give your home a face lift.  Here are a few that caught my eye:enhanced-5542-1405204516-1 enhanced-9445-1404760862-1 enhanced-10374-1405205279-1 enhanced-15906-1402411394-16


11 Jul

I am going a little out of character today and post a recipe.  I love meringue cookies and they are pretty easy to make. It does take time as they cook at a low temperature for about an hour and a half.  You can find the recipe at Brit & Co.  Caster sugar is a super fine sugar.  If you don’t have any just put regular sugar in a grinder.  cookies

Painted Curtains

6 Jul

I came across this idea for hand painted curtains and thought they were absolutely beautiful, so of course I had to share.  I found the tutorial at Cuckoo for Design.Jonathan_Adler_inspired_DIY_curtains

Storage Ideas

2 Apr

My husband and I are downsizing from a trailer to a truck camper.  I am excited about this: One; because get away time will be just the two of us. Two; we can get away to more remote camping areas with just a camper. And three; I get to decorate it.  We are looking at used campers so I won’t feel bad taking down the curtains, sewing new ones and redo the upholstery. I plan on a country theme with warm colors, red, yellow and brown.  No animal or flowers.  In my head it looks wonderful. I know storage will be an issue, so I have been looking for ideas.  Here are a few I thought I would share with you.

This pegboard idea from The Lovely Cupboard can be arranged and rearranged as needed.pegboardThought this recycling idea from Make It & Love It would work nice in the bathroom. IMG_21493-670x492And put any metal surface to work with this idea from Better Homes and Gardens.tincanA lot of storage is very visible in campers and I thought this idea from Sewing Barefoot would give that storage a homey feel.bookfront

Wood Working Projects for the Home

29 Jan

I found three fun wood working projects for the home.  I like the function of all of them.  And with just a few basic skills and maybe a little help from your hardware store, you could easily do these at home.DIY-Magazine-HolderShanty-2-Chic
shelfApartment Therapy
screwdrivercoatrack_option5_largeMan Made

Upcycle Drawers

16 Jan

After seeing these great ideas for upcycling dresser drawers from Architect Art and Designs  I need to make a trip to the thrift stores.  My cat would love the tower of shelves, she is getting older and it’s hard to make that leap to the window to look out.  There are 20 different ideas to explore.  I am sure you well like at least one of them.drawers3 drawers2 drawers1

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