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Easter Crafts

1 Apr

Last weekend my family went to see “God’s Not Dead.”  It is a great movie and I highly recommend it.

Easter is almost here and Detail-Oriented Diva has some great print-outs for your Easter treats.

Eastersubwayart bunnytoppersI often make Easter bark to have setting on the tables for Easter dinner.  I always get asked for the recipe and it is so embarrassingly simple.  I tell people how simple it is and they don’t believe me.  Check it out at The Browy Blog.EbarkEven if my knitting skills are not the greatest I think I could make this cute carrot garland.  You can find the instructions at Dukes & Duchesses.carrots


Bunny Rabbit Softie

20 Mar

I have been working on making a stuffed bunny for the last few days.  I have been dreaming of bunnies.  I think I finally have it and thought I would share a tutorial for my bunny.  There is an art to writing tutorials and I am still working on my skills.  So if you have any question feel free to contact me and I will try to help. PDF file for pattern and instructions Bunny Rabbit Tutorial.bunnytut4

Easter Crafts and Decorating

16 Mar

Easter is still a month away, but when you are a crafter it takes a little time to make fun Easter decorations.  At Fashion Diva Designs she has 56 inspirational craft ideas for Easter.  All are wonderful and not sure where I want to start.  Then Minimoz has a tutorial for a very cute baby chick wreath.  Even though I no longer have young children in the house I love to make them a little Easter surprise and these burlap bunnies from Landeelu would be perfect to put treats in.
Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-8 Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-15 Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-45Fashion Diva Designs4th b'day 075MinimozEasy-Burlap-Bunnies-polka-dotLandeelu

More Easter Ideas

23 Mar


By now you know I like working with felt.  I found these cute little felt chicks over on Buzz Mills Blog.  No real fancy cutting here and just a little hand stitching you could have a clutch of chicks.felt chicksOh Boy more felt!  This carrot garland would make a cute Easter decoration.  Again pretty easy!  The is from Positively Splendid I would take a short cut and sew all my carrots at once by sewing a piece of orange felt by folding in half 11 by 11 inch square and sew once seam making it into a tube.  Then cut out 1″ wide strips, I know have 11 carrots.  Then just follow the instructions for adding the carrot tops.felt-carrot-garland-4I think I will make these little nest bowls for setting Easter candies around the room.  Easy instructions found at Country Living.paper nestMay add a few of these cute paper mache bowls from Red Ted’s Art Blog.  Was thinking if I want to make small bowls I could use plastic eggs instead of the balloons.paper chicks

Spring Wreathes

18 Mar

On Craft Gossip in the home and garden section they posted 9 spring wreathes to make.  It is hard to choose which one to make.  I have narrowed mine down to these three.2.-Last-Minute-Easter-Wreath 7.-Baby-Chick-Wreath 8.-Spring-Baby-Grass-Wreath

Easter Bunnies

16 Mar

Easter is almost here and these cute little bunnies have hopped into my blog.  My So Called Crafty Life has the tutorial for these little stuffed bunnies.  Easy to make from scrap fabric.  If you are making them for little ones I would substitute fabric eyes for the buttons to be on the safe side.bunniesLife Laugh Rowe has the pattern for these fluffy edged Happenings has a sweet Easter bunny treat.Down the rabbit hole Easter dessertPenelope and Pip have a fun Easter Treat bag that you can download and make.EasterTreatBag

Edible Easter Basket

4 Apr

Easter is only a few days away and it might be a little late for crafting, but I like this Easter basket and thought you would too.  It is made out of candy boxes so the basket is a treat.  Check it out at One Good Thing by Jillee.

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