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Christmas Dioramas

1 Dec

Recently of a trip to my home town to visit my family my sister and I went to a crafting night at the local art center.  We made dioramas, it was a terrific evening.

My home town took their old library and made it into an art center for the town to enjoy.  They have different artists work on display and offer many  classes and workshops through the year.  It is a wonderful place to go, have fun and meet people.  Nice to see this build put to use.

To make the dioramas, there were tea cups to choose from, a wide assortment of small decorations, and glue.  We used both Tacky glue and hot glue. Add glitter, pompoms and little snow flakes and with in an hours time you have made a diorama or two.

Webster definition of diorama is: a scenic representation in which sculptured figures and lifelike details are displayed usually in miniature so as to blend indistinguishably with a realistic painted background. Not sure that is really what I achieved, but it was fun and I am doing more of these little projects. You can use lids, match boxes, cookie cutters pretty much anything that will hold your display.  I have been collecting old Christmas cards to add as background.  Here are a few more diorama ideas: Click on picture to follow to link.

Holiday Ornament

Birds in clay pots ornaments 1


Outdoor Christmas Decorations

5 Nov

How did the holiday season get here so fast?  I know a lot of people think it is still too early for Christmas ideas, but if you are a crafter and don’t like waiting until the last minute it is time.

I like this idea from Kristie’s Corner.  You could take the frame idea and make it your own.  Remember to pre-drill your holes so the wood won’t split when you screw in the screws.  Also we get really windy in December so I think I will add screw eyes to the bottom and stake it to the ground.

This looks so pretty with the giant ornaments, from Hallmark channel.  I did a check internet check to see if you could find the balls to make this ornaments and they have bright fitness balls out there, so it is doable. giant ornament
I like this tree from Powerful Mothering.  There are no directions but with a little craft know how, not a hard thing to make.foruntous-225x300

Christmas Ornaments

21 Oct

Are you ready for Christmas?  Of course you aren’t, but when you are a crafter you usually get a head start so you can get everything done on time.  DIY Enthusiast has some great ideas for sprucing up Christmas ornaments  I like this one done with a little bit of lace.  Also the pine cone ornament is very beautiful for a country-style tree.homemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-lace-flowers-relief

Paper Mache

13 Oct

Have you ever played around with paper mache?  My mom would let us do this fun art project at home, it is easy to do and though a little on the messy side very cheap to produce. We would use the flour, water and newspaper method, usually using a balloon for shape.  My technique has changed a little bit, and I still think it is a lot of fun.

For recipes check out The Ultimate Paper Mache.  I like the one that uses glue.  A lot of good information on this blog.

Brisbane Kids show how to make a piggy bank.

Bowls by The Long Thread.

Mamie Janes has some nice Christmas decorating ideas.

These colorful chickens by Krokotat use cereal boxes as a base.

A wonderful deer head from Imperfectly Imaginable.
paper mache deer main photo

Hopefully I has stirred a few creative juices today.

Christmas Crafts for Kids

16 Dec

If you are looking to have some fun crafting with your kids The Crafty Crow has links to 25 tutorials for ornaments to make with kids.  The Crafty Crow is always a good place to find craft ideas for kids and also book reviews.treeccSanta plastic eggbird

Christmas Treats

5 Dec

Christmas is a time to share wonderful treats with family and friends.  I have a few that I make just at Christmas time and I thought I would share the recipes.  Most are simple as I am not the type to take hours making something that gets eaten in seconds.  So here goes:

Red Hot Cinnamon Popcorn recipe found at CD Kitchen.  This makes a big batch and is fun to have at parties. I air pop my popcorn.rhpopMicrowave Peanut Brittle.  This one can be found at All Recipes.  Again very simple and turns out great.
peanut brittleHungry Happenings has these cute little frosty the snowman pretzels.shrcMy favorite fudge recipe is  Nestle’s Toll House Famous Fudge.  You use marshmallows instead of the marshmallow cream. Yummy!fudge

Christmas Decor on a Budget

30 Nov

  If you are trying to make a dollar go a long way and still want to decorate here are some great ideas from Leaf and Letter.  angelPopsicle sticks

star1Paper Star

CandyCaneVaseCandy Canes

wreathJute Wreath

lettersFramed Letters

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