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Weaving Paper

10 Nov

Do you like to weave?  I find it enjoyable if it is just in and out type of weaving.  If you start a pattern where I really have to concentrate then I can get lost.  It’s that left brain fighting the right brain sort of thing.  I found some wonderful examples of paper weaving.  I am starting out with There’s a Dragon in My Artroom. Phyl is an art teacher and she explains the basics very well on her blog.


Here is another example from Atostraddle.  Their weaving is in a pattern using pages from books.
I like how Can’t Stop Making Things made their paper for their weaving.
can't stop making things

And from Blazer Designs I enjoy the heart embellishment.
woven heart


Joyful Bird

25 Jul

Here is a fun art project for you and kids from Thistle Woods Farm.  I have everything in my stash, but the dollar store bird.  So can you guess where I am heading today?  Hope my dollar store has them, if not Michael’s is just down the road. Portlandia fans “Put a bird on it.”Scrappaper_Bird-730x487

Working with Watercolors

7 Jan

Time to break out the watercolor paints.  Here is a fun technique from June Rollin’s Art Blog.   This is a splatter style of painting that she got great results from.  She also has a post on cheap watercolor paper vs quality paper.  Great pictures to show the difference.triad-tree-10

Here is something a little different from Technique’s Zone.  This is a much looser approach.  I have to stretch myself to do this kind of work, I do find it fun, just doesn’t come naturally. The metallic resist and watercolors work so well together. tz1 tz2 TZ3

Advent Calendars

15 Nov

Almost time to get out your advent calendars!  So here are a couple of ideas that you can personalize for family.

What I love about this first one is I have all of the supplies on hand.  It is from Scrappy Chick.

And of course I must have one made out of felt.  This pretty white and red one is from Jolly Allsorts.

With a little luck you can find this small buckets on sale at your craft store or big box store.  This would be fun for little ones and can be as simple or complex as you want to make it.This is a simple on that you could really personalize.  Love the idea of finding the frame at a thrift store.  If you don’t want to paint each clothes pin you could glue on ribbons.  For the days you could use envelopes, small boxes hanging by strings, candies, or ornaments.  I found this one at Visual Heart.

Paper Snowflakes

27 Oct

As a kid I could spend hours cutting out paper snowflakes, mom was pretty good about the mess. All you need is paper and scissors. I found many wonderful designs on how to cut a six side snowflake.  Here are a few and of course you can just make them up as you go because no snowflake is exactly like another.
Hope you have fun and if you think of a neat craft to do with all the little paper pieces let me know.

This is the basic design and fold from Orange Marmalade.

Now for some different cuts using the same fold.  Can you see the deer head in this fold?

And for all you Starwars fans…

And I just thought this hand and heart design was so pretty and I love the red paper.

How About Orange

18 Aug

I was off and running for a few days.  Brought my grand-nephews home with me to visit.  There are five guys in the house, too much testosterone.  Next time I have to bring the girls so I can even things out.  Anyway…..back to the crafting stuff.

I went to visit How About Orange and found all kinds of things to share.  I hope you check out her blog.  There are a lot of fun things to make.You could refashion a globe into a lamp.Or folded wall art, simple and beautiful.School is starting soon need to have a way to carry your Ipad (tablet).  Here is a tutorial for a case.

Kids Crafts

25 Jul

Head over to Crafty Crow to check out these great circus ideas.  This should keep kids busy for a while. (adults too!)  There are a lot of great kid ideas at Crafty Crow.  This 3-D paper circus was contributed by Lilla a Design.

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