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Fabric Beads

29 Jul

I think this looks like a lot of fun.  Love all the bright colors.  With just a few scraps of fabric and beads you can create some wonderful beads.

Feathered Nest Studio

Linda Matthews

fabric bead
Georgina Giles

ribbon beads
Carmi’s Art



Joyful Bird

25 Jul

Here is a fun art project for you and kids from Thistle Woods Farm.  I have everything in my stash, but the dollar store bird.  So can you guess where I am heading today?  Hope my dollar store has them, if not Michael’s is just down the road. Portlandia fans “Put a bird on it.”Scrappaper_Bird-730x487

31 Easy DIY Upgrades

23 Jul

I don’t know about you, but I often like to change things around.  I am always moving furniture.  I figure if you have to vacuum under it you might as well change the layout.  I must admit this drives my husband a bit crazy, but after 21 years he has learned to live with it.  And I have learned to mark electrical wires really well so I don’t have husband wondering why the computer won’t turn on.  Today I found a website with 31 Easy DIY Upgrades.  Some really easy things to do that will give your home a face lift.  Here are a few that caught my eye:enhanced-5542-1405204516-1 enhanced-9445-1404760862-1 enhanced-10374-1405205279-1 enhanced-15906-1402411394-16

Decoupage Paint Stick

17 Jul

I keep a weekly calendar of who needs to be where and of course it is posted on the refrigerator.  Today I came across this idea from Show and Tell U to decoupage a paint stick and add magnets.  I really like the idea.paint stick

Totes, Purses and Bags

16 Jul

What I like about making purses, totes or bags is it lets me explore and experiment with style. And if it doesn’t work out I still have a functioning bag.  Quilt Inspiration has two sites with free patterns.  One is for purses/bags and the other is for totes.  Oh Boy!  Doing some sewing today!Free patterns 2, purses-handbags-zip bags, quiltinspiration.blogspot.comFree tote bag patterns Aug 2012 at

Art from Recycled items

12 Jul

I came across these fantastic bowls made out of recycled egg cartons and that is what started my train of thought for today’s post.  You can find the instructions for the bowls at Sew Beastly.paper bowl

Turn junk mail into flower art, just follow the instructions at Grow Creative.junk mail flowersI don’t know about you, but I have bought t-shirts just for the artwork.  Then didn’t know what to do with them because I don’t wear t-shirts.  Love this idea from Trashy Crafter.  You can staple, pin, or glue a t-shirt around an art canvas.recycled-tshirt-canvas-art-for-home-trashy-crafter-3Here is another way to use junk mail by Crafty Foxes.junk mail


11 Jul

I am going a little out of character today and post a recipe.  I love meringue cookies and they are pretty easy to make. It does take time as they cook at a low temperature for about an hour and a half.  You can find the recipe at Brit & Co.  Caster sugar is a super fine sugar.  If you don’t have any just put regular sugar in a grinder.  cookies

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