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Tree Change Dolls by Sonia

26 Feb

Here is an interesting video by Sonia Singh Tree Change Dolls by Sonia.  She takes dolls that are over the top and makes them into ones that young girls can relate too.  I like her story and the idea of changing these dolls for the better.  Hope you enjoy it too.  You can check out Sonia’s website here. Below Sonia shows the before and after results.tumblr_nk9yfusrJy1u8oyeuo4_540I found three dolls in the second-hand shop and took off their make-up.  I used straight acetone which works very well. (placed a little in a throw away cup and used cotton pad and q tips)  I will post pictures after I get mine all done.



Get up, Fess up and Show up

6 Feb

A friend posted this message on her Facebook page today and it really spoke to me. I hope in sharing this that it may speak to others. I have no major problems in my life and I am thankful for that. but sometimes I let little things fester when I should take action. Making one small step can make a difference.

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