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Paper Beads

21 Feb

Hi! I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to sit down and write.  My aunt, mother-in-law and I just got a little space that we are renting in a market.  I have been busy sewing and filling the space.  It is a lot of fun, a little bit of a gamble, not sure we are in the right spot for us, but it is a start.  Then next week I am going the “Sewing Expo”.  I am so excited! Four days of classes and products and people who love to sew.  And Nancy Zieman (Sewing with Nancy) is going to be there.  What fun.

Today I am looking at paper beads.  They are fun to make and most of us have the craft supplies we need at home.  Recycle junk mail or old magazines, a little glue, tooth pick or wood skewer, and a foam tray are about all you need. I like to add a gloss finish.  I have included a few DIY’s so you can decide how you want to make your beads.  Remember how you cut the paper makes a difference to the shape of the bead.
paperbead1Paper Vine

paperbeads3Mad Mim

paperbeads4Better Homes and Garden


Winter Quilting

8 Feb

Winter has struck most of the United States this last week.  Today we may warm up to 20 degrees and that will feel good.  It is pretty with the sun reflecting off of the snow, but wiggling my toes in warm sand sound better to me.  With all this cold it’s time to hibernate in my sewing room.  I want to make a crazy quilt for our camper, I won’t need to buy any material.  Today I am going through the scraps to get ready and I thought I would post a few inspirational quilts for all of us to ooh and aah over.random rose gardenRandom Rose Garden by Karen Eckmeier
Day-Night by Sandy Curran, 2014 Road2CA, photo by Quilt InspirationDay/Night by Sandy Curran
coming home to roostThe Sentimentalities Quilt by Maxine Ramey
periwinklequiltingCrazy by Michelle Periwinkle

Non Candy Valentines

4 Feb

Valentine’s Day can be a lot of fun for kids, but sometimes there are just too many treats.  Here are 21 Valentine ideas that don’t use candy from Lolly Jane.  If you are looking for more Valentines ideas check the categories on the right and click on Valentines, it will lead you to all the post I have made with Valentine’s Day ideas.valentines

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