Tree Change Dolls by Sonia

26 Feb

Here is an interesting video by Sonia Singh Tree Change Dolls by Sonia.  She takes dolls that are over the top and makes them into ones that young girls can relate too.  I like her story and the idea of changing these dolls for the better.  Hope you enjoy it too.  You can check out Sonia’s website here. Below Sonia shows the before and after results.tumblr_nk9yfusrJy1u8oyeuo4_540I found three dolls in the second-hand shop and took off their make-up.  I used straight acetone which works very well. (placed a little in a throw away cup and used cotton pad and q tips)  I will post pictures after I get mine all done.


Get up, Fess up and Show up

6 Feb

A friend posted this message on her Facebook page today and it really spoke to me. I hope in sharing this that it may speak to others. I have no major problems in my life and I am thankful for that. but sometimes I let little things fester when I should take action. Making one small step can make a difference.

Blog_February2Jennifer Rothschild


28 Jan

Well I am still working on my craft/sewing room.  It is so easy to get distracted.  Lots of memories and why did I keep that to go through.  I thought I would share a few of my ideas for the room.  I am an organized person, but not a neat person, so I have been looking for ideas to keep me organized and easy to put things away.  Room needs to be painted and I would like to paint my furnishings so they look like they all go together.  I am going to try my hand at chalk paint on the furniture.Sewing-Chair-with-Secret-Drawer-12source





Here is my color scheme, Benjamin Moore has a paint called Portland gray that I think I will use for the walls.

Chalk Paint source


10 Jan

Hi, just to let you know I am taking a little break. Trying to get my workroom back in order after Christmas. It’s going to take a while. Once I am organized I will start posting again.

Essential Oils

30 Dec

The Humble Home Maker has an interesting post on common essential oils “mythstakes”.  If you use essential oils there is some very good information on this blog and I thought it was worth sharing. (it’s a two-part posting)

old bottles of a pharmacy


Sewing Bags

17 Dec

If you are wanting to sew up a bag and need a pattern or just a little instructions head on over to Pattern Pile.  There are hundreds of ideas and many free patterns to choose from.  I picked out three that I want to start with.  You may have to become a member of Craftys for some of the patterns.



Nap Time


Tablet Carrier Bag


Ruffled Clutch

Jewelry Making

16 Dec

If you enjoy making jewelry head on over to Beading Times for some great ideas and tutorials on how to get the best look out of your work.  I find the tutorials very easy to follow with pictures for us visual learners.

wrap around earrings

finished (1)
crisscross beaded earrings

multi-strand bracelet


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