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Golden Books Gown

30 Aug

When I first saw this gown I thought how pretty, then when I realized it was made from Golden Books, Wow!  Thanks for sharing My Owl Barn.  And if making a gown out of books isn’t quite what you are looking for, how about a bunting made from the pages.  This was found at childhood 101 (and thanks to Crafty Crow)


Keep Track Bookmark

29 Aug

Woman’s Day came up with a great idea to keep track of the books you have read.  I will get a favorite author and then forget which of their books I have read, this would help.  The bookmarks are made with fun foam, but cardstock works great too.  I made mine with a flower on top.

Make Your Own Gift Bag

28 Aug

Here is a tutorial from Stamping With Di for making a very pretty gift bag.  She gives great instructions with pictures!


25 Aug

I just came across this blog, Craftfail.  Very cute, I will admit to having been there more times than I would like.  So don’t worry, not everything turns out the way we plan.  Sometimes that can even be a good thing.  I am left-right challenged and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I ended up with buttonholes on the wrong side.  Oh well it is still wearable.  Chalk it up as a life lesson.

DIY Vinyl Stickers

25 Aug

One Pearl Button has come up with a way to make your own vinyl stickers. A roll of clear contact paper and some crafty ideas and you are on your way.  Kids will have fun with this one.

Remembering Summer

25 Aug

What a great artistic way to remember summer from Pink and Green Mama.

Owl Themed Wedding

20 Aug

I love the imagination used at My Owl Barn.  I am really not into owls, but I admire the style and panache used in the owl designs.  Look at what they did for the wedding bouquet, it is beautiful.  Also they included some fun print-outs for back to school.  And if you like Harry Potter check here.

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