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Happy Halloween

31 Oct

mrsbobbinsI love Mrs. Bobbins.  There is a book if you are interested. The Pickledish Store.


Flying Geese

29 Oct

OK I will confess I am a short-cut quilter and everything by machine.  I love the flying geese quilt block, but have never built one.  Laugh yourself into Stitches has me convinced that I can tackle this block.  Best part is you end up with four blocks with just a few cuts.  I have my material picked out and my plan for a table runner drawn up…I will post a picture when I get it all finished.flying geese

Quilt Block Pincushions

26 Oct

I found these pincushions at Pretty by Hand.  She had done up a few small quilt squares  then didn’t know what to do with them.  When inspiration struck she came up with these sweet little pincushions.  They would make a lovely gift.  I like the idea of stuffing them with ground walnut shells. (which can be found in your local pet store-used for reptile bedding)

The Renegade Seamstress

22 Oct

Do you have a favorite blog? or blogs?  One of mine is The Renegade Seamstress.  She is a master at  refashioning old garments and I find her blog to be great inspiration.  I love how she worked this ugly sweater into an attractive cardigan.upcycled-thrift-store-sweater-for-valentines-day1upcycled-thrift-store-sweater-for-valentines-day

Doll Twin

21 Oct

So cute I had to share.  I love making dolls, but sewing the doll isn’t much fun in my book.  A Beautiful Mess started with a blank plush doll they picked up from the craft store.  Then went to work to make it look like her niece.  The niece and doll have matching outfits made by aunt. What a great gift. (matching shoes too)doll


17 Oct

Are you a doodler?  I always have little pictures on my notes.  I have heard tell that it helps you listen.  That probably came from a doodler, but it sounds good.  Here are some fun YouTube videos on doodles from Dangerous Doodles .doodle

Arts and Crafts Keep You Sane

16 Oct

I am a big fan of Mary Engelbreit and I just thought this picture says it all.  So I am sharing.MaryE

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