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Last Minute Gifts

19 Dec

We are down to the wire, Christmas is only 6 days away. I don’t know about you, but I find myself looking for something else to make this close to Christmas.  So I have put a list together of thoughtful gifts, easy to make, supplies found around the home or easy to purchase, and something I would like to receive.

Let’s start with spa gifts:

A great moisturizing cream from One Good Thing by Jillee.3Sugar scrubs are so easy to put together and wonderful for dry, flaky winter skin.  The one is from Oh So Pretty.sugarNow you could just give a jar of these wonderful things or put them in a basket with a candle and some chocolate or a pretty washcloth or scrubby and make it just a little extra special.

Let’s head to the sewing room:

This no-sew scarf couldn’t be simpler.  Most fabric stores have polar fleece on sale right now.  Just need a pattern and a sharp pair of scissors. This one is thanks to Cleverly Inspired. I would stitch around the outside of the scarf just to give it a little more detail.scarfLove this twisted scarf (headband) from Yours Truly, G.  This one has a video tutorial.img_8772The Purl Bee has the easiest felt coffee cozy. No more burnt fingers and easy to stash in the car or from the craft room stash:

These bracelets from Creating My Way to Success are quick and pretty.  I like the layered look.bracelet2If you know a young lady who likes Mickey Mouse I would think this would be a perfect gift for them, from A Creative Princess.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASo head out in the yard and start collecting a few twigs for these pretty twig candle holders from Freutcake. I like the gold and silver added to the twigs, a pretty ribbon or piece of twine would look nice too.DIY-Twig-Votive-Candle-Holders-1And for the fisherman in the family I really like these vintage lure key chains thanks to My So Called Crafty Life.lureI hope you get a few ideas from this post and have a very Merry Christmas!


Christmas Crafts for Kids

16 Dec

If you are looking to have some fun crafting with your kids The Crafty Crow has links to 25 tutorials for ornaments to make with kids.  The Crafty Crow is always a good place to find craft ideas for kids and also book reviews.treeccSanta plastic eggbird

Up-cycle Ornaments

14 Dec

When we decorated the tree this year I noticed a lot of bulbs that just stay in the box and never get on the tree.  Time to take care of all those little guys, but it just doesn’t feel right to toss them.  So I am up-cycling a few.  Here are some ideas I collected.

Decoupage and glitter renew this ornament from Everlasting Blooms.DIY owl ornament 018Holiday Crafts and Creations uses paint and Mod Podge in a unique way to get a terrific result.easy_to_make_christmas_ornaments_swirl2I haven’t used these paints from Martha Stewart, but Sand and Sisal’s results have me wanting to make a trip to the craft store.DIY-Sea-Glass-OrnamentsAt The Picket Fence decorated a clear bulb with a gold paint pen and beads and achieved beautiful results.DIYGoldDotOrnament_zps3dd0f41c


12 Dec

Working with beads today.  I love looking through my bead box. (boxes)  I find it relaxing and enjoy putting different colors together, but once in a while you have to make something to make room for more beads!  So here are my ideas for today. Enjoy!

From here is a pretty bracelet to make.bracelet

Here is another idea from PandaHall, OK it doesn’t have beads, but I love fish so I included it

My So Called Crafty Life has the tutorial for these adorable doll necklaces.beaddolls

Christmas in Felt

9 Dec

No secret that I like felt.  I have posted a number of felt ideas on my blog.  It is fun to work with, doesn’t ravel, comes in many colors and pretty economical to use.  You need sharp scissors and a steady hand to make felt decorations look good.  Don’t like little choppy edges. Felt can be found in the acrylic and wool.  Wool is my favorite and you can hand dye it to get fun colors.  You can also take an old wool sweater or piece of wool throw it in the washing machine with hot water and dry it in the dryer to make your own felt.  Felt lends itself to embroidery and beadwork.  Here are a few ideas for this Christmas season.

There is no tutorial for this Christmas tree ornament, but I think you can get the idea from the pictures at Made Stuff.tree01This great garland comes from Molly’s Sketchbook.  This looks great in felt and I think it would also lend itself to polar fleece.  Polar fleece like felt doesn’t ravel, but it has a softer feel to it.twisted-taffy-felt-garland-600-4-1All Things Hand Made has a garland made with felt circles. (could also be done with rectangles)garlandThese two are simple garlands, but you could make flowers, trees shapes, felt balls wherever your imagination takes you. For example:pennygarland

Love these little Santas from Better Homes and Gardens.101879930.jpg.rendition.pThis design from Nana Company shows how a simple design can become elegant with a little detail work.mittens

Fun with Paint

6 Dec

Get out your watercolor paints and join me in some fun.  Here are two different techniques to try, the first is from Susie Short’s watercolor tips.  I like the scratch technique. susieAnd at The Postman’s Knock You will learn how to paint flowers from Anna.annablogfinish1Then here is a fun one to do with kids.  You can use paper cups, cans, tubes to make circles them come back in and paint.  This is a study of artist Kandinsky form Art at Herod.herod

Christmas Treats

5 Dec

Christmas is a time to share wonderful treats with family and friends.  I have a few that I make just at Christmas time and I thought I would share the recipes.  Most are simple as I am not the type to take hours making something that gets eaten in seconds.  So here goes:

Red Hot Cinnamon Popcorn recipe found at CD Kitchen.  This makes a big batch and is fun to have at parties. I air pop my popcorn.rhpopMicrowave Peanut Brittle.  This one can be found at All Recipes.  Again very simple and turns out great.
peanut brittleHungry Happenings has these cute little frosty the snowman pretzels.shrcMy favorite fudge recipe is  Nestle’s Toll House Famous Fudge.  You use marshmallows instead of the marshmallow cream. Yummy!fudge

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