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Crochet Rugs

25 Apr

For some reason crocheting has been catching my eye.  This is a pictural for making a crochet rug from yarn and old t-shirts.  I think it is attractive. From Useful DIY.crochetrug


Glass Art Ideas for Kids

23 Apr

I find working with glass truly amazing.  There are so many beautiful things that you can make, but it is not kid friendly.  I found a few ideas that use  kid safe mediums and give a glass like look. If you are in a classroom setting it is nice to introduce your classroom to glass artists like Chihuly and Tiffanysculpture5From Inner Child Fun this idea uses contact paper, tissue paper and wire.

6a00e55246b63f883401a51045c9dc970c-800wiArtful Parent uses paper and crayons to make this fun transparent bunting.

6a00e55246b63f8834017c3169a62b970b-800wiHere is another from Artful Parent using contact paper and colored  index dividers

IMG_3910Life with Moore Babies uses silly straws and play dough.  Fun thing about this one is you can make them over and over again.

Yarn Scarves Without the Knitting

19 Apr

As you know I don’t crochet or knit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love some of those wonderful yarns that are out there.  I came across a few simple ideas to make scarves that you don’t need any special skills. scarf4

Honestly WTF il_570xN.307224984This is an Etsy pattern from Zoom Yummy


There is no link for this scarf but you could follow the instructions for the scarf from Honestly WTF. 67e43f83c56e0d7f91c3da3da06afebbVideo from Redheart yarn

OK this is not a scarf and it is crocheted, but maybe you don’t wear scarves or don’t have the patience to make a whole scarf and a chain stitch is really hard to mess up.1feb181abb196ccd2324fcef7fe93d8d Craftaholics Anonymous

Art Quilts

15 Apr

When it comes to quilting I usually go for the art quilt.  They are fun to sew and are forgiving when it comes to lining up corners.  You can use all kinds of medium when making an art quilt because it is something that won’t get washed. (a little vacuuming will do)  And if you don’t like the results you can cut it apart and use it in something else.  Today I thought I would post some inspirational pictures along with a link to my favorite show “Quilting Arts”. Enjoy!

sunflowerby Darra Williamson
moonriseMoonrise, Shiprock
 Patricia Gould
© 2012
KaleidoscopicPaula Nadelstern
Nancy G. Cook

And here is the link to Quilting Arts TV.  This program comes on our local PBS channel.  Each week 2 or 3 quilt artist demonstrate their quilting talents. Great place to learn new techniques.

The Library

11 Apr

This morning I was searching for a book that I have on my wish list, and went to my library on-line.  Libraries are wonderful things and if you haven’t used your local library in a while you should go and see what changes they have made.  I can find a book  through their online service and have the library pull it off the shelf and have it waiting for me to pick up.  You can check out eBooks online and get something new to read in a matter of minutes.  You can learn a new language, get help with your resume, read magazine articles on your computer. (mine had some great arts and craft magazines) There is home repair service information, tutors, classes, ancestry information, biographies, consumer reports and the list goes on.  Along with books they have movies and music.  Give your library a try.  I think this is an area our tax dollars are used well.

libraryChildhood library, over looked the river.  They say it had a ghost.  The library moved to a new location and this is now the art center.

Storage Ideas

2 Apr

My husband and I are downsizing from a trailer to a truck camper.  I am excited about this: One; because get away time will be just the two of us. Two; we can get away to more remote camping areas with just a camper. And three; I get to decorate it.  We are looking at used campers so I won’t feel bad taking down the curtains, sewing new ones and redo the upholstery. I plan on a country theme with warm colors, red, yellow and brown.  No animal or flowers.  In my head it looks wonderful. I know storage will be an issue, so I have been looking for ideas.  Here are a few I thought I would share with you.

This pegboard idea from The Lovely Cupboard can be arranged and rearranged as needed.pegboardThought this recycling idea from Make It & Love It would work nice in the bathroom. IMG_21493-670x492And put any metal surface to work with this idea from Better Homes and Gardens.tincanA lot of storage is very visible in campers and I thought this idea from Sewing Barefoot would give that storage a homey feel.bookfront

Easter Crafts

1 Apr

Last weekend my family went to see “God’s Not Dead.”  It is a great movie and I highly recommend it.

Easter is almost here and Detail-Oriented Diva has some great print-outs for your Easter treats.

Eastersubwayart bunnytoppersI often make Easter bark to have setting on the tables for Easter dinner.  I always get asked for the recipe and it is so embarrassingly simple.  I tell people how simple it is and they don’t believe me.  Check it out at The Browy Blog.EbarkEven if my knitting skills are not the greatest I think I could make this cute carrot garland.  You can find the instructions at Dukes & Duchesses.carrots

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