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Weaving Paper

10 Nov

Do you like to weave?  I find it enjoyable if it is just in and out type of weaving.  If you start a pattern where I really have to concentrate then I can get lost.  It’s that left brain fighting the right brain sort of thing.  I found some wonderful examples of paper weaving.  I am starting out with There’s a Dragon in My Artroom. Phyl is an art teacher and she explains the basics very well on her blog.


Here is another example from Atostraddle.  Their weaving is in a pattern using pages from books.
I like how Can’t Stop Making Things made their paper for their weaving.
can't stop making things

And from Blazer Designs I enjoy the heart embellishment.
woven heart


Art Teacher’s Journal

2 Nov

This is a great idea for keep track of art ideas either for students or just some things you may want to try on your own.  It gives you a source to come back to and samples of the ideas. Once you have tried the idea you can keep notes on what worked or what you might do different next time.  I wish I could credit the person who did these art journal pages, but I can not find the source.

art journal student 3art student journal2art journal student

How to Draw a Face

31 Oct

Drawing a face can be really tough. I still have trouble with shading, and have to work at it. So I thought I would post some good starting places for working on face drawings.  Proportion is the key.  Our faces all have unique traits, but if we start out with these proportion we can and the character later.  Check out 3 ways to draw a face by Wiki How.


And I like this video on YouTube.

Watercolor Flowers

3 Sep

Today feels like fall.  It is dark, overcast with a few showers and not reaching 60 degrees yet.  I like the change in seasons, but boy this came on fast.  So today is a craft room day.  I still have a few flowers outside and that’s what spurred today’s post.  I love playing with watercolors.  There are so many ways to approach painting with them.  Here are a few ideas for inspiration.  If you need more information there are a lot of video tutorials on-line you can watch.

flowers blooms


Alisa Burke

Empty Easel


The Alison Show

conefl w stem

Vickie Henderson



Pen and Ink

29 Jun

I have been trying my hand at pen and ink drawing.  I thought it was something that I had enough background in art that I could just jump right in.  Should have known better.  So in looking for a little more information on technique I came across a wonderful tutorial for a pen and ink cityscape on The Postmans Knock.Atlanta_Cityscape_Illustration

Glass Art Ideas for Kids

23 Apr

I find working with glass truly amazing.  There are so many beautiful things that you can make, but it is not kid friendly.  I found a few ideas that use  kid safe mediums and give a glass like look. If you are in a classroom setting it is nice to introduce your classroom to glass artists like Chihuly and Tiffanysculpture5From Inner Child Fun this idea uses contact paper, tissue paper and wire.

6a00e55246b63f883401a51045c9dc970c-800wiArtful Parent uses paper and crayons to make this fun transparent bunting.

6a00e55246b63f8834017c3169a62b970b-800wiHere is another from Artful Parent using contact paper and colored  index dividers

IMG_3910Life with Moore Babies uses silly straws and play dough.  Fun thing about this one is you can make them over and over again.

Cardboard Crafts for Kids

28 Jan

If you are looking for something fun to do with kids head on over to The Crafty Crow.  There are six links for ideas to use recycled cardboard.  They all look like fun.cardboard

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