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Merry Christmas

24 Dec

Christmas reindeer graphicsWishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.
I hope you get time to visit with family and friends.  We are having a white Christmas and it is very beautiful.
After the holidays it’s clean the craft room and start new projects.
My sons are helping me with some videos, hope to have those up and running soon.
Nice to have live-in technical support.


Christmas Dioramas

1 Dec

Recently of a trip to my home town to visit my family my sister and I went to a crafting night at the local art center.  We made dioramas, it was a terrific evening.

My home town took their old library and made it into an art center for the town to enjoy.  They have different artists work on display and offer many  classes and workshops through the year.  It is a wonderful place to go, have fun and meet people.  Nice to see this build put to use.

To make the dioramas, there were tea cups to choose from, a wide assortment of small decorations, and glue.  We used both Tacky glue and hot glue. Add glitter, pompoms and little snow flakes and with in an hours time you have made a diorama or two.

Webster definition of diorama is: a scenic representation in which sculptured figures and lifelike details are displayed usually in miniature so as to blend indistinguishably with a realistic painted background. Not sure that is really what I achieved, but it was fun and I am doing more of these little projects. You can use lids, match boxes, cookie cutters pretty much anything that will hold your display.  I have been collecting old Christmas cards to add as background.  Here are a few more diorama ideas: Click on picture to follow to link.

Holiday Ornament

Birds in clay pots ornaments 1

Last Minute gifts

11 Dec

Sometimes it is nice to be able to pull something together at the last-minute.  I will confess to not being able to think that quickly, so having a few ideas thought out ahead of time works for me and to keep it simple. Here are a few that I like.

Mason jars are handy for gift giving and I always have a few stashed away. I like The Gunny Sack {Everything} In a Jar ideas.  She also has the labels that you can print for the jars.

the gunny sack


One Good Thing by Jillee comes to the rescue and shows you how to make a quick bought grocery store item into a nice little gift.  She has prints out labels too.
Too Stinkin’ Cute has a wonderful idea for an ice cream kit.  Yum

One Crafty Home shows you how to make a quick coffee cozy out of fabric.  These are super quick, go good with a mug or gift card to local coffee shop.  cs finished2

KoJo Designs has a pretty ideas for a Tea Lovers Wreath. (you could use Washi tape for the clothes pins and it would be even faster)



Dancing Ballerinas

23 Nov

I think this pretty dancing ballerinas would be fun to make with a group of friends.  You can check out the tutorial at Craftberry Bush.  When using floral tape give it a little pull as you wrap that way it will stick to itself.


Outdoor Christmas Decorations

5 Nov

How did the holiday season get here so fast?  I know a lot of people think it is still too early for Christmas ideas, but if you are a crafter and don’t like waiting until the last minute it is time.

I like this idea from Kristie’s Corner.  You could take the frame idea and make it your own.  Remember to pre-drill your holes so the wood won’t split when you screw in the screws.  Also we get really windy in December so I think I will add screw eyes to the bottom and stake it to the ground.

This looks so pretty with the giant ornaments, from Hallmark channel.  I did a check internet check to see if you could find the balls to make this ornaments and they have bright fitness balls out there, so it is doable. giant ornament
I like this tree from Powerful Mothering.  There are no directions but with a little craft know how, not a hard thing to make.foruntous-225x300

Christmas Ornaments

21 Oct

Are you ready for Christmas?  Of course you aren’t, but when you are a crafter you usually get a head start so you can get everything done on time.  DIY Enthusiast has some great ideas for sprucing up Christmas ornaments  I like this one done with a little bit of lace.  Also the pine cone ornament is very beautiful for a country-style tree.homemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-lace-flowers-relief

Last Minute Gifts

19 Dec

We are down to the wire, Christmas is only 6 days away. I don’t know about you, but I find myself looking for something else to make this close to Christmas.  So I have put a list together of thoughtful gifts, easy to make, supplies found around the home or easy to purchase, and something I would like to receive.

Let’s start with spa gifts:

A great moisturizing cream from One Good Thing by Jillee.3Sugar scrubs are so easy to put together and wonderful for dry, flaky winter skin.  The one is from Oh So Pretty.sugarNow you could just give a jar of these wonderful things or put them in a basket with a candle and some chocolate or a pretty washcloth or scrubby and make it just a little extra special.

Let’s head to the sewing room:

This no-sew scarf couldn’t be simpler.  Most fabric stores have polar fleece on sale right now.  Just need a pattern and a sharp pair of scissors. This one is thanks to Cleverly Inspired. I would stitch around the outside of the scarf just to give it a little more detail.scarfLove this twisted scarf (headband) from Yours Truly, G.  This one has a video tutorial.img_8772The Purl Bee has the easiest felt coffee cozy. No more burnt fingers and easy to stash in the car or from the craft room stash:

These bracelets from Creating My Way to Success are quick and pretty.  I like the layered look.bracelet2If you know a young lady who likes Mickey Mouse I would think this would be a perfect gift for them, from A Creative Princess.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASo head out in the yard and start collecting a few twigs for these pretty twig candle holders from Freutcake. I like the gold and silver added to the twigs, a pretty ribbon or piece of twine would look nice too.DIY-Twig-Votive-Candle-Holders-1And for the fisherman in the family I really like these vintage lure key chains thanks to My So Called Crafty Life.lureI hope you get a few ideas from this post and have a very Merry Christmas!

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