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Art Teacher’s Journal

2 Nov

This is a great idea for keep track of art ideas either for students or just some things you may want to try on your own.  It gives you a source to come back to and samples of the ideas. Once you have tried the idea you can keep notes on what worked or what you might do different next time.  I wish I could credit the person who did these art journal pages, but I can not find the source.

art journal student 3art student journal2art journal student


Decorative Tape

21 Sep

This technique is from Birgit’s Daily Bytes.  She makes her own decorative tape using paper and clear tape.  This is a lot of fun and works well.  I started using packaging tape and like the bigger area it allows.  Different types of paper and print give you different results, so take time to experiment a little.



White Page

9 Sep

Sometimes you sit down to write or do a little art work and that white page just stares back at you.  I always have ideas, but sometimes I have a hard time getting it on paper.  Or I start and it doesn’t come out the way I see it in my head.  Time for a little inspiration.  I love Pinterest for this, of course the down side to that is you can spend a lot of time looking at all those pictures.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.  Coloring books can give you great ideas for filling in around a verse or quote.  Use bits and pieces from magazines or news papers as a collage background.  Sheet music and maps make great backgrounds.  Recycle that watercolor or painting that didn’t turn out as planned by cutting them into shapes to fill in empty spaces.   To add distressed edges run them across an ink pad.  I have posted a few ideas with their source pages.

Craft Critique

The Imagination Box

Art Journal Club Quebec

Art Journal

20 Jul

Well life has taking a different path than the one I thought was going to work.  I will not be teaching in the fall.  So to keep myself occupied I have decided to make an art journal.  I really try to do some kind of art work everyday and I think this will be a fun adventure.  Here are a couple of ideas I am using to get started.

December Daily 2009 | Cover

From The Nerd’s Nest

From Amy Powers’ Inspire Co

Chad Alice Hagen have workshops on felting and I love the cover they make for books..

Art Journals

25 Jan

I need to spend more time art journaling.  I love the idea of making my own book of artwork. To try new things.  If it doesn’t work just cover it up and try again.  The look of using old ledger pages or pages from books to mix in with your artwork is attractive. You can use different techniques with different mediums.  There are no hard and fast rules here, just work at it and enjoy what you are doing.  I have found a few pages for ideas to share with you.  Just click on the picture and it should take you to the artist webpageAJalteredmommy  AJnov2 AJhomegrown






20 Sep

I don’t know if you can call what I do journaling, but I always have a notebook at hand.  And if you are going to carry something around with you it should reflex your personality.  I like composition books, they are sturdy and easy to alter.  Here is a cute cover from Wild Olive that will fit a composition book.This one from Creme de la Craft could easily fit in a purse or pocket and made from recycled cereal boxes.  Win win.Sometimes we journal art, not words. Here is one from Creative With Kids you can do with the kids (or for yourself) by altering a board book.  They are so sturdy, made to take a beating and easy to find a thrift stores, so why not give it a go.

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