Upcycle Ideas

18 Aug

Refashion, upcycle, recycle,reuse, whatever word you use it can be a lot of fun.  I like looking at something and seeing how I can remake it.  Here is a collection of wonderful ideas for reusing items you maybe getting rid of, or you just can’t let go of even though it doesn’t serve it purpose anymore.  Recycled items also are good for art and craft medium.  Old books, sheet music and maps are fun to draw and paint on.
catjugCat trinket box

milk jug votives - square - pool
Milk Jug Votives 

Rooster from egg cartons

recycling and crocheting 

Enamel cups  

BeforeAfter Collage 1
Curtain Dress

Pot Holders

14 Aug

I have decided to make pot holders as Christmas gifts this year.  They are pretty easy, I can use scraps of material and easy to personalize.  Here are a few ideas I have gathered.

From Peapod Journal

weaving trivet finished 1
From Poppy Talk

 from Owl Haven

from Flamingo Toes


11 Aug

School supplies have hit the stores!  This is when I buy things for my craft room.  I keep a good stock of glue, crayons, markers and pencils.  I use note cards for drawing ideas or doodles.  Today I have found a number of ways to use clipboards. You can often find masonite clipboards at your dollar store.

Here is a decorative wall art display from Crafts by Courtney.

Rub art clipboard from Mark Mantano.

Chalkboard paint and things to remember by Simplicity in the South.

Fun painted clipboard by Ampersand.

Organizing a small office space from Martha Stewart.

clipbaord face
clipboard faces
What fun from Apartment Therapy.

simple clipboard wall
The simplicity of the collection of plain clipboards with pencil drawings from Style Me Pretty is very elegant.

giant clipboard 8
Or you could make your own giant clipboard with details from That’s My Letter.

Handmade Scrap Fabric Twine

7 Aug

This handmade scrape yarn looks so pretty on the spool you might just want to show it off, but I have thought of lots of way to use the yarn.  You could sew it down as an embellishment to a purse or tote, coil and stitch it for a coaster, use it for bracelets, use as a gift ribbon….for more ideas read the comments left at My Poppet.  She even has a video along with pictures to show you how to make the yarn.


Odds and Ends

5 Aug

Here are a few odds and ends I thought I would share today.  These were just a couple of things that caught my eye.

Love this night stand for a metal bunk bed.  It is from 4 Kiwi Wannabes.  I think I would paint it to match the bedroom decor.Flying Night Stand 003

Pretty button bracelet from Hope Studios.  Kids could have fun collecting buttons and making this bracelet.



If I had done this to my tablet charger I might not have left it behind.(sigh)  This idea is from Sew Trashy.


Fabric Beads

29 Jul

I think this looks like a lot of fun.  Love all the bright colors.  With just a few scraps of fabric and beads you can create some wonderful beads.

Feathered Nest Studio

Linda Matthews

fabric bead
Georgina Giles

ribbon beads
Carmi’s Art


Joyful Bird

25 Jul

Here is a fun art project for you and kids from Thistle Woods Farm.  I have everything in my stash, but the dollar store bird.  So can you guess where I am heading today?  Hope my dollar store has them, if not Michael’s is just down the road. Portlandia fans “Put a bird on it.”Scrappaper_Bird-730x487


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