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13 Nov

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?  I am getting there.  Dinner is planned out, now I am working on the table.  I have come across a few ideas and thought I would share.

I like these no-sew silverware holders from On Sutton Place. We are having a smaller gathering this year, so this would be fun to do. No paper plates and napkins this year, ooh uptown.No-Sew-Burlap-Flatware-Holder-pin


The Idea Room uses a wooden box for their centerpiece.  You could really do a lot of fun seasonal things with this idea.

Pretty wrapped clementines make nice place cards from Martha Stewart.


I like the mums and hazelnuts in simple glass vases from The Glamorous Housewife.
Orange and clove pomanders look and smell pretty from The Kitchn .  Place in a pretty bowl by themselves or add pine cones or nuts to give a little contrast.oranges



22 Nov

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.Jeanne Winters


18 Oct

Giving Thanks for special things that have happen through the year makes me stop and enjoy how great life can be.  Here are a few ways to collect those thankful moments.  This first one is from Make Easy Crafts. Just take off the lid and it unfolds.

Woman’s Day show you how to make this Thanksgiving wreath.  It will take a little time, but so pretty.

Design Sponge made these attractive gourds out of recycled cardboard.  As you are putting the layers together why not write a little line to each layer for the things you appreciate.

Here is one to do with the kids from Little Family Fun, gratitude turkey, just write what you are grateful for on the feathers.  I am grateful for cookies too.

A Thankful Tablecloth

16 Nov

I thought this was a clever way to say what you are thankful for, thank you Blue Cricket Designs for sharing your idea.  A drop cloth is used for this project, but you could easily use butcher paper too.  Remember felt marker can bleed through so protect the area you are working on.

I am Thankful

31 Oct

At Thanksgiving we would make a turkey out of paper and then write the things we were thankful for on paper feathers and add them to the turkey.  Well as children do, mine are now young adults and where I still want to write down what we are thankful for I need a more grown up version.  At Hungry Heffy Crafts they have done it for me.  They have a very pretty journal card that you can download and print out.  So this year I am thankful for wonderful crafters that share their talents.

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