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Pattern Fitting

23 Nov

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know I like Nancy Zieman. (Sewing with Nancy)  One of my major sewing problems is getting a pattern to fit.  On Nancy’s latest show “Solving the Pattern Fitting Puzzle” she gives some great tips.  This is the first part of two and I have already learned some simple tips that I can put to use.  I hope this helps you too.
Free Mini Pattern Pieces from Solving the Pattern Fitting Puzzle by Nancy Zieman


5 Sewing Gifts

6 Dec

I have been busy at my sewing machine, putting on finishing touches and getting small things made.  Christmas is less than three weeks away.  Here are a few things I have been working on.

I love these microwave fabric bowls from Tamarack Shack.  I have made a few different styles and for me this one works the best.  They help keep the mess out of the microwave and give you something to grab ahold of to get a hot bowl out without burning your fingers.  I keep a few stacked on top of the oven and wash when messy.  You should use all cotton fabric, thread and batting.

Apostrophy Designs has a great tutorial for making a baby blanket.  You can use this idea for other flat fabric ideas like a table runner, table cloth or, napkins I sure you can come up with more ideas.

I have posted this one before, but it is such a neat way to make a pillow case that I am posting it again.  It is from Twiddletails.

Sew a sleeping bag for a special stuff animal following the directions at Parents.com.
sleeping bag

I have made two of these for myself, one for business cards and the other for all those plastic store cards.  Doesn’t take much fabric and really comes in handy.  Tutorial is from The Crafty Cupboard.
Business Card Holders

Woven Potholder

22 Sep

I came across this pin at Pinterest and thought it looked like a fun idea.  I just followed the pictures as this is not a language I speak or read.  It was easy to follow the pictorial.  Took a little time to get everything to lay flat after it was woven together, that is why it is important to match up the middle of both fabrics.  But with a little pressing and fussing it came together.  Took me about an hour from start to finish.
woven potholder

Here is my potholder


Pot Holders

14 Aug

I have decided to make pot holders as Christmas gifts this year.  They are pretty easy, I can use scraps of material and easy to personalize.  Here are a few ideas I have gathered.

From Peapod Journal

weaving trivet finished 1
From Poppy Talk

 from Owl Haven

from Flamingo Toes

Totes, Purses and Bags

16 Jul

What I like about making purses, totes or bags is it lets me explore and experiment with style. And if it doesn’t work out I still have a functioning bag.  Quilt Inspiration has two sites with free patterns.  One is for purses/bags and the other is for totes.  Oh Boy!  Doing some sewing today!Free patterns 2, purses-handbags-zip bags, quiltinspiration.blogspot.comFree tote bag patterns Aug 2012 at quiltinspiration.blogspot.com

Summer Dress

12 May

During the summer I would rather wear a summer dress than shorts.  I find it more attractive on this body that is far from perfect and they are comfortable.  Here is a cute dress from Elle Apparel.  Very easy to sew, great if you have a serger.  And as you make the pattern from a garment you all ready wear it should fit really well.  Off to the sewing room I go.elle

Cleaning Your Sewing Machine

14 Mar

Your sewing machine, as with any tool, works best when properly maintained.  Here is a great article from The Sewing Loft on how to clean your machine. Of course you need to follow the manual for your machine, but The Sewing Loft has great pictures on what to look for and how their machine comes apart.  Manuals are not always that explicit in their directions. And I need pictures.  Don’t be afraid, but if you are the type to take something apart and then forgets how it goes back together, take pictures before you start.  As they say a picture is worth a 1000 words.  I keep a small bowl by my machine for screws and parts to set in while I am working.  Losing one of those screws on my sewing room floor is not fun.Dirty-Brush

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