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Pattern Fitting

23 Nov

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you know I like Nancy Zieman. (Sewing with Nancy)  One of my major sewing problems is getting a pattern to fit.  On Nancy’s latest show “Solving the Pattern Fitting Puzzle” she gives some great tips.  This is the first part of two and I have already learned some simple tips that I can put to use.  I hope this helps you too.
Free Mini Pattern Pieces from Solving the Pattern Fitting Puzzle by Nancy Zieman


1 Million Pillowcase Challenge

3 Mar

I had a great deal of fun at the Sewing Expo last week.  One of the things we did was to make pillowcase for the 1 million pillowcase challenge.  As of Saturday night we were at 1000. It was very easy to make. The idea is to make a pillowcase and give it to a charity of your choice. You can check this out and find more information at All People Quilt.  Here is a link to a PDF pattern for the basic pillowcase.  If you would rather see a video here is a pretty good one from DIY Dish.ModA1Q_14PillowcaseThe idea so to make this pillowcase for children in need in your area. For a list of suggested charities check here.

Getting Pants to Fit

24 Apr

Sewing a pair of pants is not that complicated as far as construction goes.  But getting a good fit can be a bit of a challenge.  Here is some information on how to take measurements and apply them to a pattern.  Once you get this down you can really start adding pants to your wardrobe with no problem at all.  Check it out at Leena’s.  (Measurements are in centimeters.)draw_women_pants2

Trio of Tops

5 Mar

I have come across three easy top designs that would be great for a beginning seamstress.  Dragon Designs has the instructions for this first top.  Pretty easy to follow and you can adjust the pattern to fit your shape.  I wonder how this one would work with a couple of scarves?Feb 2012 375shirtcollage1The second top is made from a simple square.  This would be great for summer.  The DIY is at Cotton and Curls.  Again this could be adjusted to fit your shape.cottonandcurlsAnd last but not least from My Grandma Said this top if refashioned from a large t-shirt.  Such a feminine looking top, hard to believe it started out as a simple T.July 29, 2010 024

Sewing for Baby

11 Feb

If you are looking for something to sew for a baby or even toddler go check out Alina’s Adventure.  There are so many ideas here that if you are like me you will spend more time looking than it will take to make one project.  But for us dreamers looking is half the fun.  There must be well over 100 ideas.suspender dressonesieft_kimono01_lbibfelt-baby-shoes-4-425

Great Sewing Site

24 May

I have been in a sewing mood.  I am just finishing up a quilt for my niece as a graduation present.  I took a black and white picture and did a quilt of her face, I really like how it turned out.  Now I am working on a purse that will be a present for my mom.  Then I am going on a trip in June and want a few new things to wear.  Which brings me to this wonderful site that has all kinds of sewing ideas and many free patterns.  I think you will enjoy All Free Sewing.

Make a Summer Skirt

9 Apr

I love skirts in the summer more than shorts.  At Threadbanger they have 15 free skirt patterns for us to use.  All different styles and sewing ability.

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