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Outdoor Christmas Decorations

5 Nov

How did the holiday season get here so fast?  I know a lot of people think it is still too early for Christmas ideas, but if you are a crafter and don’t like waiting until the last minute it is time.

I like this idea from Kristie’s Corner.  You could take the frame idea and make it your own.  Remember to pre-drill your holes so the wood won’t split when you screw in the screws.  Also we get really windy in December so I think I will add screw eyes to the bottom and stake it to the ground.

This looks so pretty with the giant ornaments, from Hallmark channel.  I did a check internet check to see if you could find the balls to make this ornaments and they have bright fitness balls out there, so it is doable. giant ornament
I like this tree from Powerful Mothering.  There are no directions but with a little craft know how, not a hard thing to make.foruntous-225x300


Home Projects

1 Mar

As thoughts turn to spring and the longing for spending time outside grows, I have been looking for ideas to improve my outdoor space.  In walks Lowe’s.  They have a wonderful project pages and these are just a few I picked out for myself.  So when my guys asked me what I want for my birthday I direct them here.lowes deckTopPond Deck Top Pond

lowes Garden bench Garden Bench

lowes tube_lights_heroTube Lights

lowes kitchen cartKitchen Cart

lowes firepitFirepit

Shell Lights

16 May

All Things Charming came up with a cute way to jazz up a set of string lights.  Cute idea and gets you to thinking what other possibilities there may be out there.  With the new LED lights heat is not the issue it use to be.

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