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Last Minute gifts

11 Dec

Sometimes it is nice to be able to pull something together at the last-minute.  I will confess to not being able to think that quickly, so having a few ideas thought out ahead of time works for me and to keep it simple. Here are a few that I like.

Mason jars are handy for gift giving and I always have a few stashed away. I like The Gunny Sack {Everything} In a Jar ideas.  She also has the labels that you can print for the jars.

the gunny sack


One Good Thing by Jillee comes to the rescue and shows you how to make a quick bought grocery store item into a nice little gift.  She has prints out labels too.
Too Stinkin’ Cute has a wonderful idea for an ice cream kit.  Yum

One Crafty Home shows you how to make a quick coffee cozy out of fabric.  These are super quick, go good with a mug or gift card to local coffee shop.  cs finished2

KoJo Designs has a pretty ideas for a Tea Lovers Wreath. (you could use Washi tape for the clothes pins and it would be even faster)




5 Sewing Gifts

6 Dec

I have been busy at my sewing machine, putting on finishing touches and getting small things made.  Christmas is less than three weeks away.  Here are a few things I have been working on.

I love these microwave fabric bowls from Tamarack Shack.  I have made a few different styles and for me this one works the best.  They help keep the mess out of the microwave and give you something to grab ahold of to get a hot bowl out without burning your fingers.  I keep a few stacked on top of the oven and wash when messy.  You should use all cotton fabric, thread and batting.

Apostrophy Designs has a great tutorial for making a baby blanket.  You can use this idea for other flat fabric ideas like a table runner, table cloth or, napkins I sure you can come up with more ideas.

I have posted this one before, but it is such a neat way to make a pillow case that I am posting it again.  It is from Twiddletails.

Sew a sleeping bag for a special stuff animal following the directions at Parents.com.
sleeping bag

I have made two of these for myself, one for business cards and the other for all those plastic store cards.  Doesn’t take much fabric and really comes in handy.  Tutorial is from The Crafty Cupboard.
Business Card Holders

Garage Box and Quatro

4 Nov

I was looking for something to make a young boy and thought this little garage box from Master Class would make a great gift. The blog is in Russian but here is a link for a translation.  There are great pictures to follow.  She makes her own box, but I think you could use a per-made box.garageAnd from Scribbit I found the game of Quatro.  This would be a nice family gift.  We always like getting new games. (OK didn’t like the year we got Risk, but I was the only one who didn’t like the game)  This one looks like fun for everyone.quatro

Graduation Gifts

13 May

Graduation is coming up soon and here are a few ideas.  How about a few fun ways to give money to a grad (a favorite gift) from Happy Home Fairy. ( I really like the idea of the gum balls in a jar, but you have to go to Happy Home Fairy’s blog to see it.)HHFT-shirt quilts have been around for some time.  It is a great way to display all those teams and events that your children have been a part of and fun to snuggle up in on those cold days.  Blessings Over Flowing gives a good explanation on how to put this quilt together.  T-shirts can stretch which can make it tricky.  On BOF blog she used a basting spray. You could also use iron-on interfacing for each square.  You will need to do one or the other or you won’t be happy with the results.  Also use polyester batting, if you use cotton you will have to do a lot of quilting as it separates and becomes cotton balls when washed.  Not a nice thing to find out the hard way.BOF_IMG_4663This next idea is one you can use your own imagination and run with.  The original is from Martha Stewart.  You could make this special for the grad by making the theme something that works for them.  If they are going off to school and living in a dorm make them a special tool bucket.  Screwdriver, small hammer, hooks they can use in the dorm, tape, scissors. Those little things that come in handy and can make you new friends.  Small sewing kit and the know-how to use it can make you friends in the dorm too.  A bath caddy filled with wonderful soaps, shampoo and lotions.  A laundry bag, roll of quarters, soap and dryer sheets.  If they have cooking facilities a few kitchen tools, can opener, pot holder, dishes for the microwave.  See how crazy you can get?mla102823_0907_housewrm_xl

Sewing Ideas From Sew 4 Fun

11 Oct


Today I thought I would feature one site, Sew 4 Home.  They have some wonderful sewing tutorials and great gift ideas.  Here are a few I picked out, but there are a lot more to see on their website.Pinboard

Shopping Bag

Tablecloth Overlay

Fun Fur

Sewing Gifts

8 Oct


I know for many people Christmas is still a long ways off, but if you make gifts for Christmas it is best to start early.  Here are a few ideas that I have found.  Today it will be gifts that you sew.  Check out this bright-colored bag, love the pompoms.  It is from Bloom and Blossom.This one is those poor people who need to scrape snow and ice off their windshields during the winter. (and I am one of them)   The Idea Room shows you how to make this in 30 minutes.2 Little Hooligans has this terrific tutorial for a coupon organizer.  Even if you don’t collect coupon, it is well designed and could easily be used for other things. This cute rainbow scrappy pot holder from Blue Bird Sews is a great way to use up bits and pieces.  For most of us sewers this means we don’t have to buy anything.

Christmas Gift Ideas

20 Jul

Here are some more Christmas ideas.  These are sites that have multiple ideas for Christmas gifts.  “Making a list and checking it twice.”

Sassy SitesThe Life of Lulu BelleIt’s Written on the WallEverything Etsy

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