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How to Draw a Face

31 Oct

Drawing a face can be really tough. I still have trouble with shading, and have to work at it. So I thought I would post some good starting places for working on face drawings.  Proportion is the key.  Our faces all have unique traits, but if we start out with these proportion we can and the character later.  Check out 3 ways to draw a face by Wiki How.


And I like this video on YouTube.


Learning to Draw

1 Nov

When I teach students to draw I use shapes to get them started. Most of us can draw a circle, square and line.  If you look at an object and start making it into shapes you can put it on paper and start to see it come alive.  Here are a couple of good websites that have practice sheets that teach with shapes.  I still enjoy doing these to keep in practice.  Most of my students have enjoy these sheets too.  You can find all types of subject matter by doing a search for “drawing step by step, learn to draw, drawing made easy,” or search for how to draw a lion. (or the subject of your choice)  The library is also a good source for drawing books.
Flicker les animaux tels qui’ils sont.
How to draw people
The Blue Tadpole Studio
I tried to make my choices family friendly, but you may want to double check me before letting children onto these sites. how to drawhow to draw 2how to draw people

Art for Children

9 Jan

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk. -Paul Klee

I love teaching children to draw.  When I teach I have them look at the subject and find shapes.  Oval, triangle, square, circle…most children know these shapes and can easily draw them.  This also helps when you are having trouble drawing a particular object, let’s say an eye.  Look at an eye, take it apart in shapes, what do you see, know put those shapes together on paper.  And of course you need to let them have their freedom just to color, draw or paint as they feel.  Children make wonderful drawings.

Here are a couple of sites that I go to for inspiration.  Hope you enjoy them too.

Julie Voigt’s site Art for Small Hands has lesson plans and ideas for ages 3-13.  Even if you don’t plan on teaching a young person it is fun to look through the site and see the art work.flower

Art Projects For Kids by Kathy Barbro is an other favorite.  I like to use her site for introducing different artist to children.  She also has fun techniques to try and show to children on how to use different mediums.  This picture is from her lesson plan on Klee.Klee Post

How to draw Hydrangea

30 May

This is a great tutorial by Annamain on how to draw and color hydrangea.  She has great pictures of the different steps and I find it pretty easy to follow.

Child’s Drawing into a Doll

8 Mar

Wow this is so (or should I say sew) cute.  Makes me want to go and collect children’s drawings so I can make them into dolls.  Check out the wonderful tutorial at Make It – Love It.

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