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Christmas Clay Projects

25 Nov

When I want to relax and just craft I get out one of two things, polymer clay or paint ceramic houses. (I use them in my Christmas village) Over the weekend I got out my clay and made a cute little snowman. (My pictures didn’t turn out and I all ready gave him away.)  Polymer clay is easy to work with, you can use paint, ink, rubber stamps, build canes, sand, polish or varnish the clay.  You don’t need very many tools, most things you can find around the house.  Though if you use a pan or knife for clay don’t use it for food again.  It’s not something you want in your mouth.  Also if you sand the clay wear a mask.   So I found a couple of ideas for you to get inspiration.Lightbulb-Snowman-Craft-300x293Country Woman Magazine

Unique-Handmade-Polymer-Clay-Christmas-Ornaments-_06Family Holiday

santaA Little Fur in the Paint. This is made from an okra pod and play, but a piece of wood or all clay should work if you can’t find the okra pod.


Joy and Noel

18 Nov

I have come across a couple of different designs for using the words Joy and Noel as Christmas decorations.  Most of these can be done it whatever decorating theme you may have going on.  Hope they bring you inspiration!NoelSign683x1024-1Sand and Sisal
noelThe Happy Scraps
JNPWe Heart This
Joy 13Etcetorize
JoyGF Mom Certified

Bell Jar and Pasta Ornaments

8 Nov

When I saw these pretty little snow scenes in bell jars I wonder where in the world do you find small bell jars.  Ashlee from My So Called Crafty Life came up with a great idea she found at the dollar store.  They are the tops to plastic wine glasses, so clever.  It would be really easy to get carried away with making this cute ornament.bell jarsPasta, glue gun and paint can get your creative juices flowing.  Here are a few examples.

simple-homemade-christmas-ornaments6homemade-christmas-tree-ornaments-noodles-forms-snowflake-glitter-spraypasta angel

Christams Star Ornaments

6 Nov

I am sure it comes as no surprise that many of the decoration on my tree are handmade.  It just feels like my family is there with me when I look at those decorations and I can’t part with them.  So in the next few weeks I will post different decorations that you can make for your tree or home.

Scrapper Girl took a few things from around the house (or craft store if you aren’t a saver) and made this charming Noel display.  I think this is a craft that you could easily take and make your own and fun for the kids to help too.dec-2Rosy Posy has an idea for a star made from cinnamon sticks. Won’t that make your home smell wonderful?starThis would be a nice one for those with a fabric stash from Sofie Legarth. It is in french but if you take the address and drop it into Google, press search, it will take you to a translated site.  The strips of fabric are 8 x 30cm which is about 3 1/8 x  12 1/2 inches.  I love the colors she selected. star2

Christmas Spoons

18 Jul

I like these different spoons decorated as Christmas ornaments.  It is pretty easy to find a bargain when buying the spoons.  Dollar store is always a good place to start, and being that it is summer yard sells are a great places to find these treasures.  They don’t have to be in perfect shapes and the paint can hide a lot of flaws.  You could also do this project with little ones.  So follow the links and see if you are inspired. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALaurie’s Charming Designspoon2Eyeballs by Day Crafts by Night
spoon3The Pickle Pepper Patch

spoons4Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

A couple of things to remember:  This project will be easier if you prime first.  You could add beads to the wire or ribbon when you wrap the spoon to give them a little sparkle. You can drill a hole in the spoon to hang it by. On a metal spoon you can hammer out the bowl for a flat look.  If you don’t paint, but like the look, give the spoon a base coat of paint and add a decal.

Christmas Downloads

8 Jul

I have said it before “I love when people share their talents.”  So here are a few downloadable items that people have shared on their sites.

These bright and cheery stocking filler bag toppers are from Kate Hadfield Designs. I would like to find them in my Christmas stocking.khadfield_stockingfillersNext there are about 40 different downloadable gift tags available at Graphic Garden, very cute designs.mangerLemon Squeezy has 24 Christmas downloads listed on her blog.  I like this cute reindeer card for the kids. (it came from Sweet Muffin Suite)reindeer_card_kids_candycane2And here are a few Santas from Kathy’s Cottage.  There are a lot of cute things you could do with these little guys.Christmas boxes

Christmas in July

3 Jul

I try to do this every year, because as a crafty person you need to start early.  My goal is to use only handmade ornaments this year.  So the only thing on the tree that will be store-bought will be the lights.  I am up for this challenge.  Here are a few things I would like to make.

I like the rustic look of the ornament made from an old yard stick and scrabble letter tiles. If you can’t find the tiles you can buy in the craft stores, but you might check a couple of yard sales first. This came from Mamie Jane’s.rulerSometimes it pays to hang onto things.  I have all the supplies to make these pretty beaded ornaments from Katy Clouds in my craft room.  I bet these will really shine when the lights hit them.bead ornament

Next these pretty wood ornaments are from Urban Comfort.  You can find the wood turned ornaments at the craft store, though you may have to wait a few more months to get them. I love the fact that you could really make these your own by using different colored thread or maybe a metallic thread.wood ornamentThere will be more Christmas ideas this month so check back to see what is new.

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