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Paper Mache

13 Oct

Have you ever played around with paper mache?  My mom would let us do this fun art project at home, it is easy to do and though a little on the messy side very cheap to produce. We would use the flour, water and newspaper method, usually using a balloon for shape.  My technique has changed a little bit, and I still think it is a lot of fun.

For recipes check out The Ultimate Paper Mache.  I like the one that uses glue.  A lot of good information on this blog.

Brisbane Kids show how to make a piggy bank.

Bowls by The Long Thread.

Mamie Janes has some nice Christmas decorating ideas.

These colorful chickens by Krokotat use cereal boxes as a base.

A wonderful deer head from Imperfectly Imaginable.
paper mache deer main photo

Hopefully I has stirred a few creative juices today.


Art from Recycled items

12 Jul

I came across these fantastic bowls made out of recycled egg cartons and that is what started my train of thought for today’s post.  You can find the instructions for the bowls at Sew Beastly.paper bowl

Turn junk mail into flower art, just follow the instructions at Grow Creative.junk mail flowersI don’t know about you, but I have bought t-shirts just for the artwork.  Then didn’t know what to do with them because I don’t wear t-shirts.  Love this idea from Trashy Crafter.  You can staple, pin, or glue a t-shirt around an art canvas.recycled-tshirt-canvas-art-for-home-trashy-crafter-3Here is another way to use junk mail by Crafty Foxes.junk mail

More Easter Ideas

23 Mar


By now you know I like working with felt.  I found these cute little felt chicks over on Buzz Mills Blog.  No real fancy cutting here and just a little hand stitching you could have a clutch of chicks.felt chicksOh Boy more felt!  This carrot garland would make a cute Easter decoration.  Again pretty easy!  The is from Positively Splendid I would take a short cut and sew all my carrots at once by sewing a piece of orange felt by folding in half 11 by 11 inch square and sew once seam making it into a tube.  Then cut out 1″ wide strips, I know have 11 carrots.  Then just follow the instructions for adding the carrot tops.felt-carrot-garland-4I think I will make these little nest bowls for setting Easter candies around the room.  Easy instructions found at Country Living.paper nestMay add a few of these cute paper mache bowls from Red Ted’s Art Blog.  Was thinking if I want to make small bowls I could use plastic eggs instead of the balloons.paper chicks

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