Lunch Bags

20 Aug

School days are getting closer.  I grew up taking my lunch to school and even though my guys were homeschooled, they would eat lunch with their friends when we had co-op days.  When they were little they would love having super hero lunch bags as they got older we went to brown paper sacks. I think the duct tape sacks or the clothe ones made to look like a brown paper bag would have worked. (And still been cool)  It was never cool to put a note in their bags, though that didn’t always stop me.  Hershey Kisses got the message across and that was OK. So here are a few ideas for lunch bags and things that might help when making lunch.

Duct tape is very durable and comes in lots of designs now. Check this out at  504 Main.

Cute round bag found at Whip Up.

Sew 4 Home does wonderful sewing tutorials, this one is insulated and laminated.

Lunch Sack Tutorial
This one would be easy to personalize, from A Lemon Squeezy Home.

Spicy Perspective has some great ideas for lunch.

Living on Love and Cents has some great organizing ideas.

frozen sponge
Thought this was a good idea.


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