Organized Car

3 Jul

Are you getting ready for a long car ride with the family?   My mom always had a tote bag filled with goodies for a long trip.  I am not sure how she got everything in that tote bag, but there were snacks, toys, washcloth kept wet in a plastic bag (this was before wipes), tissues and more.  For my guys I had a lot of the same things.  I get car sick if I read in the car, books on tape are wonderful way to pass the time.  We would make up games and play some of the old standards like “I spy”.  I have collected a few ideas to help make it an easier ride.  cereal containerdidterest

Cereal container for trash.

Organizing Art Supplies Fig Milkshakes

Great way to check those art supplies in one place.  School supplies are starting to appear in the store. Snack Box2DIY & Crafts.

I like the idea of have this for each kid, they can be in charge of when they are hungry. 489x653x14-remote-storage.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UZpQfnOJzRDIY & Crafts

This one is a win-win.  Storage and keep the seat clean under the booster seat.IMG_1155Tinker Frog

A sewing project for keeping the car tidy.


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