Easter Crafts and Decorating

16 Mar

Easter is still a month away, but when you are a crafter it takes a little time to make fun Easter decorations.  At Fashion Diva Designs she has 56 inspirational craft ideas for Easter.  All are wonderful and not sure where I want to start.  Then Minimoz has a tutorial for a very cute baby chick wreath.  Even though I no longer have young children in the house I love to make them a little Easter surprise and these burlap bunnies from Landeelu would be perfect to put treats in.
Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-8 Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-15 Inspirational-Craft-Ideas-For-Easter-45Fashion Diva Designs4th b'day 075MinimozEasy-Burlap-Bunnies-polka-dotLandeelu


One Response to “Easter Crafts and Decorating”

  1. Laurie Nguyen March 17, 2014 at 8:39 am #

    What beautiful ideas! It almost makes me want to be crafty!

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