Valentines for Hubby

23 Jan

My husband deserves a wonderful Valentines gift.  That being said, it is not an easy task.  It needs to be personal, not too mushy, healthy and not bust the budget. No romantic get-away to the Caribbean as nice as it sounds. So I have been gathering ideas.  I think I will step out of my ordinary routine and first make him breakfast. (I would do it in bed, but he is an early riser) What better way to start the day than with bacon hearts.bacon heartThe Paper Mama

Then pack a lunch (again something I rarely do) in a fun take-out box. This one from Tammy Mitchell Designs is designed for a miniature take-out box, but I can enlarge the idea.  Take-out boxes can be found at your local craft store.2013-fortune-cookie-valentine-web-1024x712

Then after a long day of work maybe something for soaking in the whirlpool tub.  Creating Sisterhood has a great recipe for Cinnamon Oatmeal Milk Bath.  Very easy and most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen.Oatmeal Milk Bath2Pretty sure he will like all of this, who doesn’t liked to be pampered once in a while?


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