Christmas in Felt

9 Dec

No secret that I like felt.  I have posted a number of felt ideas on my blog.  It is fun to work with, doesn’t ravel, comes in many colors and pretty economical to use.  You need sharp scissors and a steady hand to make felt decorations look good.  Don’t like little choppy edges. Felt can be found in the acrylic and wool.  Wool is my favorite and you can hand dye it to get fun colors.  You can also take an old wool sweater or piece of wool throw it in the washing machine with hot water and dry it in the dryer to make your own felt.  Felt lends itself to embroidery and beadwork.  Here are a few ideas for this Christmas season.

There is no tutorial for this Christmas tree ornament, but I think you can get the idea from the pictures at Made Stuff.tree01This great garland comes from Molly’s Sketchbook.  This looks great in felt and I think it would also lend itself to polar fleece.  Polar fleece like felt doesn’t ravel, but it has a softer feel to it.twisted-taffy-felt-garland-600-4-1All Things Hand Made has a garland made with felt circles. (could also be done with rectangles)garlandThese two are simple garlands, but you could make flowers, trees shapes, felt balls wherever your imagination takes you. For example:pennygarland

Love these little Santas from Better Homes and Gardens.101879930.jpg.rendition.pThis design from Nana Company shows how a simple design can become elegant with a little detail work.mittens


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