Gift Wrapping

15 Nov

What do you do when it is time to wrap a gift?  Love those gift bags, a little bit of tissue and place it in the bag, Done!  Will maybe I should put a little more effort or at least thought into it.  Here are some great ideas, most of them simple and cost affective.  The gift wrap should not cost more than the gift.  Hope you enjoy them.
gifttopperFellow Fellow
creative interactive gift wrap ideas for kidsLines Across
ribbonNew Wonderful Photos
Christmas wrap 08233 Shades of Green
One other thing I do as many of my gifts get taken to different homes, I color coordinate them.  So all for family A gets gifts wrapped in red with santas on it, family B gets gold with snowflakes etc…  That way I am not so likely to leave a present behind when it is time to visit.


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