Learning to Draw

1 Nov

When I teach students to draw I use shapes to get them started. Most of us can draw a circle, square and line.  If you look at an object and start making it into shapes you can put it on paper and start to see it come alive.  Here are a couple of good websites that have practice sheets that teach with shapes.  I still enjoy doing these to keep in practice.  Most of my students have enjoy these sheets too.  You can find all types of subject matter by doing a search for “drawing step by step, learn to draw, drawing made easy,” or search for how to draw a lion. (or the subject of your choice)  The library is also a good source for drawing books.
Flicker les animaux tels qui’ils sont.
How to draw people
The Blue Tadpole Studio
I tried to make my choices family friendly, but you may want to double check me before letting children onto these sites. how to drawhow to draw 2how to draw people


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