Christmas Fun

29 Jul

Wow! Where did July go?  I have taken a little time off from writing my blog to enjoy summer and not be attached to a computer, even though writing this blog is fun for me sometimes I just need a little break.  My aunt and I are going to do a craft fair this winter.  I haven’t done one in over 10 years, I think it will be fun.  If you have any tips to make it a success please feel free to share.

I thought I would post a few fun things to do for Christmas.  This first one will keep the kids busy, supplies are simple, and you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like.  It is from In the Leafy Treetops the Birds Sing “Good Morning”.snowmanHappiness by Gedane has these very cute Christmas decorations.  They start out simple, then you add your personal touch to make them outstanding.  I love her ideas.  This blog is in French so you may have to translate.noelReindeer food is fun the make with the kids.  Here is a simple recipe and cute packaging for reindeer food from Living on a LatteYou can dress this up in so many ways, give away to family and friends, but I must warn you kids except the reindeer food to be gone in the morning.  I made this mistake the first time I made it and there were a couple of long faces thinking the reindeer didn’t like their treat.  The things you learn the hard way.reindeer foodAnother packaging idea from Two Peas in a Bucket.reindeer food2Remember



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