Graduation Gifts

13 May

Graduation is coming up soon and here are a few ideas.  How about a few fun ways to give money to a grad (a favorite gift) from Happy Home Fairy. ( I really like the idea of the gum balls in a jar, but you have to go to Happy Home Fairy’s blog to see it.)HHFT-shirt quilts have been around for some time.  It is a great way to display all those teams and events that your children have been a part of and fun to snuggle up in on those cold days.  Blessings Over Flowing gives a good explanation on how to put this quilt together.  T-shirts can stretch which can make it tricky.  On BOF blog she used a basting spray. You could also use iron-on interfacing for each square.  You will need to do one or the other or you won’t be happy with the results.  Also use polyester batting, if you use cotton you will have to do a lot of quilting as it separates and becomes cotton balls when washed.  Not a nice thing to find out the hard way.BOF_IMG_4663This next idea is one you can use your own imagination and run with.  The original is from Martha Stewart.  You could make this special for the grad by making the theme something that works for them.  If they are going off to school and living in a dorm make them a special tool bucket.  Screwdriver, small hammer, hooks they can use in the dorm, tape, scissors. Those little things that come in handy and can make you new friends.  Small sewing kit and the know-how to use it can make you friends in the dorm too.  A bath caddy filled with wonderful soaps, shampoo and lotions.  A laundry bag, roll of quarters, soap and dryer sheets.  If they have cooking facilities a few kitchen tools, can opener, pot holder, dishes for the microwave.  See how crazy you can get?mla102823_0907_housewrm_xl


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