Sewing with Painters Tape

10 May

I have a favorite pair of shorts that I would love to copy the pattern.  Well today I found an easy way to make a pattern off of a garment using painters tape thanks to Cheap and Picky.  Really this is a pretty easy approach and should work out great.painterstape I wish I knew who to give credit to for this next idea, but all I could find was the photo.  For quilters, use painters tape to give you a nice straight edge. You can mark your measurements on the tape so your design comes out even.IMG_2177If you have ever laid out quilt squares and had them neatly stacked and taken them to the sewing machine and then found out you turned one. 😦  Painters tape to the rescue!  Just mark which row and a direction arrow on the tape and this should help you keep your sanity.  Thank you The Cottage Home.ptquiltTall Grass Prairie Studio uses painters tape to help her with those long straight sewing lines when 1Prudent Baby uses painters tape to help keep her seam allowance straight by taping a piece on her sewing machine.painters-tape (1)The possibilities are numerous with how painters tape could help in the sewing room: help keep snaps in place to sew on, reinforce a paper pattern, tag pattern pieces, help with stitching designs, use as a stencil to paint on fabric. What ideas can you come up with?


One Response to “Sewing with Painters Tape”

  1. diaryofamadmama May 10, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be adding painters tape to my shopping list! 🙂

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