e-reader covers

21 Feb

For Christmas I received a e-reader.  It is fantastic.  I can carry around ten books wherever I go and our library lets you borrow e-books.  Pretty wonderful. So now I have been looking at projects for my e-reader.  Here are a few I found on the internet and the one I made.

This first one is by Come Together Kids.  She used a hard back book, took out the insides and made a cloth pocket and holder on the inside for her Kindle.kindle holder collage
Not into sewing?  How about duct tape and plywood?  Here is a cool idea found at Instructablesducttapecover
This leather pouch has a nice polished look to it, check it out at Leafy Treetop Spot.kindlecover11
Mine is made very similar to Sharlzdollz cover.  Love the embroidered piece she uses.ebook case completed 1
I used an old pair of jeans, using the leg for the body of the cover.  I cut a rectangle the width plus an inch and twice the length plus 1 inch of my Kindle.  I cut out the back pocket about 1/4″ around the outside edge and sewed it onto the jean rectangle.  I cut a rectangle of batting and  then one of the lining material an inch longer so a little would show around the top. I sewed the batting and jean material together around the outside edge. Then sewed the sides of the lining material.  I made a fabric tab about 1 1/2″ across and 4″ long, sandwiched everything together at the top with tab in place, and sewed them together.  I left the bottom of the lining material open so I could turn it right side out and then machined sewed it closed.  It’s on the inside so no one sees it.  Made a button-hole and sewed on a button and it is done.kindlecover


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