Valentine Love Notes

10 Jan

Valentine”s Day is a little over a month away and for us crafters it’s time to start thinking about what we want to do.  My husband and I have been working on being constructive in our conversations.  It is not that we are destructive, but at times we just forget how important it is to lift each other up.  So with that in mind I have been pulling out ideas that will help me with little love notes to my husband.  I am not a flowery speech kind of person so I need a little help.

This first one is a paper airplane love not from Country Living.  They have a download available so all you do is print it out and add your sweet sentiments.paper-craft-Idea-Notebook-Get-Crafty-0212-mdn
This cute Bee My Valentine display comes from How Does She.  You can add your little love notes in the wire twist.  I might see if I can come up with some fuzzy little bumble bees to add to it.
I want to put this inside of my Valentine card, it really fits my husband and me.  It is from Energizer Bunnies Mommy Reports.john3_16

Lisa Storms has some sweet ideas for packing a Valentine lunch.  This would be a fun surprise.


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