Art for Children

9 Jan

A drawing is simply a line going for a walk. -Paul Klee

I love teaching children to draw.  When I teach I have them look at the subject and find shapes.  Oval, triangle, square, circle…most children know these shapes and can easily draw them.  This also helps when you are having trouble drawing a particular object, let’s say an eye.  Look at an eye, take it apart in shapes, what do you see, know put those shapes together on paper.  And of course you need to let them have their freedom just to color, draw or paint as they feel.  Children make wonderful drawings.

Here are a couple of sites that I go to for inspiration.  Hope you enjoy them too.

Julie Voigt’s site Art for Small Hands has lesson plans and ideas for ages 3-13.  Even if you don’t plan on teaching a young person it is fun to look through the site and see the art work.flower

Art Projects For Kids by Kathy Barbro is an other favorite.  I like to use her site for introducing different artist to children.  She also has fun techniques to try and show to children on how to use different mediums.  This picture is from her lesson plan on Klee.Klee Post


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