Art Quilts

14 Dec

Two phrases that drive me nuts are “I don’t like art” and “I am not an artist, I can’t even draw a straight line.”  When art is all around you it is hard to believe there is not something you like.  It could be the lines of a building, the movement of a garment, the song of a bird, or one of God’s sunsets, there is art all around.  And as for the second phrase, everyone can do art; it’s just a matter of finding the art form you are good at.  What are the things that make you stop and take a second look?  For me it is often color, I like bright colors that stand out, and then you notice the picture they make.  That is why I picked out these art quilts to share today.  It was color first and then amazement that they could do all the wonderful shading and highlights with fabric.  Hope you enjoy the work and find your creative path.KTaroma ktteapot

Art quilts by Kate Themel. Aroma and Teapot.

CurtainCall2Curtain Call by Elaine Quehl

purple pumpkinPostcard size quilt The Purple Pumpkin is by Sara Kelly.


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