Dong Kingman

13 Dec

I was watching “Flower Drum Song” the other night and in the opening credits they were showing these incredible watercolor paintings.  Thankfully they gave credit to the artist who is Dong Kingman.  I love the bright colors and just the happy feeling of seeing his work.  Even though I love musicals, I liked the artwork better.  So I am sharing today.  And if this was a musical this is where I would break out in song.

These pictures are from California Watercolors.Dong_Kingman-Typhoon_Shelter_Hong_Kong_1024x1024Dong_Kingman-Thai_Temple_1024x1024Dong_Kingman-Hornblowers_1024x1024Dong_Kingman-Hawaiian_Girls_1024x1024



One Response to “Dong Kingman”

  1. eCharta December 15, 2012 at 3:35 am #

    REALLY incredible watercolor paintings! Well done to Master Dong Kingman…
    KO for eCharta team

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