Making Jewelry

21 Nov

Today’s topic is jewelry.  I love making jewelry and then getting to wear it.  There are a lot of projects that are easy to do for the casual jewelry crafter and here are a few:

I love the colors in these brush stroke earrings by Lima Beads.  I like how she changed the colors for each earring.

The chevron design is so popular now and this necklace from Craftpond really shows it off.Look at these great infinity bracelets from Make Bracelets.  They have stretchy cord in them!  Makes them easy to get on and off.So my tips for jewelry making are to go to the bead shop with a project in mind.  Lots of wonderful beads there, really easy to come home with beads just because they are pretty.  Work at get a technique down makes a difference in the finished piece. Using proper tools will give you a better finished look, you can get by with about three different tools and are often sold as a set. (not expensive)  There are many blogs that have jewelry making tutorials and give great instructions on finish work, Katalina Jewelry is a good one.  And remember the person you are making the piece for,  they may wear only dainty jewelry so that big bright-colored piece you worked so hard on may not get worn.


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