Snail Mail

12 Nov

Last week my sister and I were reminiscing about letters we would write back and forth to each other.  We would often send comic strips that we thought the other would enjoy, which started a whole other thought process,  now that we communicate through electronics do we save them to read over and over again?  I have a small box of letters and cards that I have received over the years that I take out reread.  They are very special to me.  I would hate to think of this art form ending.  Don’t get me wrong I love the fact that I can easily get a message to someone in the matter of minutes, but there is something incomparable about holding a letter in your hand, the visual effect of the colors and style, and maybe even a light scent.  Do you get excited when you get the mail at the prospect of receiving a personal letter?  Maybe it is time sit down and write and let someone know how special they are and that you were thinking of them.  So here are a few ideas for you:

You can make your own envelope from a paper bag and sew the edges for a different look.  This is from Natural Kids.Country Living has a template for and envelope you can make.  I love the deer design.  If drawing is something you avoid you could use magazine pages or coloring book pages.I love how Goodnight Little Spoon has decorated her envelopes.And more ideas from Paper Pastries.Remember anything goes as long as it meets the standards of your postal service.  Here are some of the regulations from USPS.After doing a little research I found that there are groups of people who have been sending art through the mail since 1960, even books out there with mail artwork.  A great place to look for inspiration.


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