Nothing Smells as Sweet

26 Oct

I am back, thanks to my sweet husband, who now has a few more gray hairs, our computer is happy.

So I came across an idea for a room deodorizer and thought I would share a few more smell good ideas.  This one comes from One Good Thing by Jille.  Easy to make and anything that will help a smelly room without over powering it or me is tops on my list.

I love sugar scrubs and here is a lavender sugar scrub from Fun and Food Cafe.

Here is a nice neighbor gift from Dandee Designs.  If you don’t have a food dryer you can dry the fruit in your oven.  Use a very low temperature (or even just leave the light on, no heat) and spread out in a pan or rack and turn over every hour or so.  May take most of a day to dry them out, but they will get there.


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