Fun With Embroidery Hoops

10 Oct

Embroidery hoops are great, they make their own frame and come in many different sizes and shapes.  And look at all the wonderful decorating ideas I found.

I like the idea of using small embroidery hoops to make Christmas decoration.  They could be hung on the tree or a cute display on the wall.  The fabric characters made by Country Kitty Land are adorable.  If you are a painter you could stretch canvas in the hoop and paint your decoration.  Remember to finish both sides if they show.Or how about these hoops all tied up in string from Style Me Pretty.

The New Home Ec has over 25 ideas for decorating with hoops.

You could personalize a hoop by embroidering a name like these from Lilac Saloon.

Gather friends, supplies and chocolate and have a crafting party like they did at amy d randomly me.


One Response to “Fun With Embroidery Hoops”

  1. October 10, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    I love those hoops for several reasons. The top ones for Christmas and the modern design. The collection of hoops on the wall, I like to hang on my dream sewing room wall with some of my favorite fabrics. I like it.

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