Sewing Tips

8 Aug

When you have been sewing (or any other skill) for a long time and try to pass that skill along you often forget the little things that have become automatic to you.  So today I thought I would gather up some tips that may help the beginning sewer along with maybe teaching some old dogs new tricks.
Make it and Love it has a long list of great sewing tips.

Sew 4 Home has  tips from box corners, flat  felled seams, to sewing on a button.  Great tips for when you don’t do some of these techniques very often.

These sewing tips come from Kari Me Away.

  • Read all instructions completely before you begin
  • Pre-wash to pre-shrink fabrics & trims
  • Pin pattern pieces to fabric & cut accurately
  • Transfer all markings ~ they are there to help
  • Use correct seam allowances & measure to be sure
  • Glue baste trims ~ it is endlessly easier than pins
  • Use the right tool for the job ~ specialty feet can simplify sewing
  • Refer to the instructions often when sewing

And I might add if you baste, pin and iron you will be happier with your results.  Glue basting is wonderful, just make sure you are buying the right kind of glue stick. (can be found at fabric store)  While watching “Sewing With Nancy”  I found that they now make a wrap-n-fuse cord for piping.  Great idea!  With the web you can always find an answer to your sewing questions.  Don’t forget Youtube for those of us who are visual learners.


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