Cute Little Snowman

10 Dec

Here is a project I have done many times with groups of children.  You need a regular pack of chewing gum, white paper (I use copy paper) a pipe cleaner, glue stick, small piece of fabric, felt markers, scissors and glue  gun.  Cut the paper to about 3″ by 5″. enough to wrap around the pack of gum like a present.  Glue paper at seam and both ends.  Tie the fabric around the neck area. Use felt markers to make eyes, nose and buttons.  Cut about 6″ of the pipe cleaner off and coil the ends about 3 times to make small circles, fold into a U shape to fit around snowman’s head.  Use a glue gun to hold pipe cleaner earmuffs in place.  When working with a group of kids I assign the glue gun task to a parent.


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