New Look Painted Furniture

31 Jul

I love this little cabinet.  It has had many uses during its lifetime, but it was in need of a new look. The clear glass doors just didn’t work for me anymore.  So I painted the cabinet a chocolate-brown and took the glass out of the doors and painted them too.  I was not planning on putting this on my blog, but my sons asked me to post it.  I was amazed that they even noticed the change!  So to paint the glass here is what I did.
1.  Make sure glass is really clean.  Remember edges are sharp and will cut.
2.  I free-hand the flowers, but you can find a picture and lay under the glass and follow a pattern.  I used a metallic painters pen in silver.(they smell so make sure you are well ventilated) Let dry.
3.  Paint on a layer of gold metallic acrylic paint, then using a plastic sack dab at the wet paint. (you might want to practice this step on paper first)  This gives it a crinkled look, a little bit like gold leaf. Let dry.
4.  I used the brown paint that is on the wood of the cabinet and painted over the top of the gold.  Let dry and put glass back in the doors.  Remember if you don’t like something paint will come off with a sharp blade.
Now I can store things inside and no one can see my mess.


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