Necktie Sling Bag

1 Jul

I saw these cute bags made from neckties and thought I can make those.  I looked for a pattern or instructions to make one, but didn’t come up with one.  So I made my own.

1. You will need two ties
hook and loop tape (about 1” long)
and a sewing machine.

2. Cut 8” piece off at the small end of both ties.

3.  Matching the outside points of the small end (the one you just cut) to the wide end of the tie and straight stitch all the way around. Pivot at the corners. This will be a top stitch on the outside of the purse. Repeat with the other tie pieces.  You will have two U shapes with a long narrow part of the tie on each side.

4. Now on zig zag with the widest stitch and small stitch length per inch. (I used 1.5 on my machine)  Line up wide part of the tie with narrow part of the U shapes and slowly stitch from the top catching both sides of the tie in your stitching. These two pieces will be butted together, not over lapping. You will have to maneuver the pieces as you stitch around.  Make sure to reinforce stitching at the beginning and end of your seam by back stitching.

5. Tie the two narrow ends together to hang on your shoulder.  Slip stitch or machine sew the end to finish them.

6.  Attach the hook and loop tape inside the top part of the bag.

I made a rose to decorate the outside to finish it off.


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